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  • This book is about using Microsoft Excel to analyze your data. Microsoft Excel is an electronic worksheet you can use to maintain lists; perform mathematical, financial, and statistical calculations; create charts; analyze your data with a PivotTable; and much more. Excel can help you locate data, find trends in your data, and present your data to others. Each Excel file is a workbook. Each workbook can have multiple worksheets. Worksheets are made up of rows and columns of cells you use to enter information....

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  • At least 20 states have felony laws specific to carjacking, hijacking an occupied motor vehicle, or robbery of an occupied motor vehicle by force or threat. Some of these laws require display or use of a weapon in the commission of this dangerous, violent crime. Such crimes usually occur in urban areas and represent only a small portion of auto thefts.

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  • Suppose you want to display numbers 1 to 100 on the screen. Based on what we studies so far, you will have to write one hundred cout statements. If you think about it, all you are doing is adding one to the previous number and displaying it over and over again until 100 has been displayed. Let us write the steps to do it. Number gets 1. Display the number Add one to it Repeat these two statements. Stop when 100 has been displayed. Let us rework it with some numbers. Number = 1 Do the following statements (in brackets)...

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  • In this module, students will learn how to create very simple multidimensional expressions (MDX). These are expressions that use constant values or expressions that display the names of members. Students will also learn how to work with members in a dimension and how to use MDX member functions to navigate from one member to another.

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  • Why bother with ASP at all, when HTML can serve your needs? If you want to display information, all you have to do is fire up your favorite text editor, type in a few HTML tags, and save it as an HTML file. Bingo, you’re done! But wait – what if you want to display information that changes? Supposing you’re writing a page that provides constantly changing information to your visitors, for example, weather reports, stock quotes, a list of your girlfriends, etc, HTML can no longer keep up with the pace. What you need is a system that can present dynamic information.

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