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  • For situations in which there are a very large number of tuples in the join table, we can just disseminate information that allows sensors to identify tuples that definitely do not join with any predicates. Suppose we know that there are no predicates on attribute a in the range a1 … a2. If we transmit this range into the network, then a sensor tuple, t, with value t.a inside a1 … a2 is guaranteed to not join with any predicates and need not be...

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  • Why measure customer satisfaction? Because it’s required! The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 says states need to “consult with customers about the relevance of the information disseminated through the statewide employment statistics system, in order to continuously improve the system.” The two key parts of this statement are: • Consult with customers • Continuously improve the system It’s also a requirement of the One Stop LMI grant from the Employment and Training Administration!......

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  • Moreover, bond prices were strongly influenced by the presence of information asymmetries in the market. Most bondholders were poorly informed of the possibil- ities that bonds represent, how they can be traded, and what kinds of risk they carry. At the beginning of trading, a great majority of bondholders believed bonds to be liable to default risk, which, from their perspective, significantly reduced bond price. Serbia’s old saving bonds are discount types of bonds. They bear a 2% annual interest rate (rolled in interest rate) that is paid at the time of maturity.

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  • The OFT is also bound by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the FoIA). Where a person makes a request in accordance with the FoIA the OFT may have to disclose whether it holds the information sought and the information itself (including confidential information). The FoIA contains exemptions (including one which may exempt confidential information) and the OFT will not have to make those disclosures if an exemption applies. If you consider that any information you provide may be exempt from such disclosures you should say so and explain why.

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  • All of this very detailed information, upbeat as well as terrible, is conveyed by Bob Seamans in his fac- tual presentation of the sequence of major activities involved and is amplified by his personal and profes- sional anecdotes. This is truly a unique and important record of the Apollo program’s achievements and the United States’ demonstrated capability and technological preeminence. I hope this capability will be advanced broadly as we move forward with innovative and beneficial aeronautics, space exploration, space science, and applications activities.

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  • In the event that the OFT proposes to include any sensitive commercial or personal information in a document that will be published it will, save in exceptional circumstances, contact the relevant persons prior to publication to give them the opportunity to explain why disclosure would cause significant harm and to request excision (or aggregation or generalisation) of any material that will still be sensitive at the time of publication.

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  • The application of technology to housing design, construction, and operation offers opportunities for improving affordability, energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and convenience for consumers. New technologies and production processes could help resolve serious problems facing housing producers, including labor shortages, interruptions due to inclement weather, quality control, and theft and vandalism losses.

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  • Although open content licenses only account for a fraction of all copyright licenses currently enforced in the world, their introduction has had profound effects on the use and dissemination of information. This book explores the theoretical underpinnings of these licenses and offers insight on the practical advantages and inconveniences of their use.

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  • This Report illustrates the vigorous efforts being undertaken by many developing countries to catch up with their more developed partners in the dissemination and use of ICT. However, it also shows that the gaps are still far too wide and the catching-up far too uneven for the promise of a truly global information society, with its attendant benefits for sustainable social and economic development, to materialize without the sustained engagement of national Governments, the business sector and civil society, and the tangible solidarity of the international community...

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  • As set out in the relevant Decree, the mission of the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) is to assist Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture in matters relating to the evaluation of higher education institutions (HEIs). FINHEEC supports HEIs and their international competitiveness through evaluations, and by supporting quality work and disseminating good practice.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: The BLISS cluster randomised controlled trial of the effect of 'active dissemination of information' on standards of care for premature babies in England (BEADI) study protocol [ISRCTN89683698]

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  • In 1993, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute collaborated with the World Health Organization to convene a workshop that led to a Workshop Report: Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention. This presented a comprehensive plan to manage asthma with the goal of reducing chronic disability and premature deaths while allowing patients with asthma to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

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  • While effective media communication always aims to strengthen trust, its specific objectives can vary. The intention in some situations may be to proactively raise awareness of actual or potential risk, or to inform people prior to an emergency so they are better prepared to respond. In other cases, it may be a more reactive response to an existing situation. Other purposes include informing individuals and disseminating information on how to mitigate the effects of an emergency. In yet other cases, the purpose may be to build consensus and engage people in a public dialogue....

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  • The additional material includes a new Background section, intended to provide a broad overview of breast cancer for non-clinicians; a new Topic 1, Primary care and the management of women at high risk; and a new Topic 8, Management of advanced, recurrent and metastatic disease. The topic areas and numbers therefore differ from the original Manual. Material in the Evidence sections of the topic areas is based on systematic reviews of research evidence carried out by the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination.

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  • Professional investment management. A professional nvestment manager—who has access to extensive research, market information, and skilled securities traders—decides which securities to buy and sell for a bond fund. Professional management can be a valuable service because few investors have the time or expertise to manage their personal investments on a daily basis or to investigate the thousands of bonds available in the financial markets. Daily liquidity.

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  • The number of government websites has grown rapidly, driven by a Prime Ministerial target set in 1997 to provide access to all relevant services in electronic form by 2005, and the trend in the wider economy to provide services and information over the internet. There has been over ten years of uncoordinated growth in websites and the Government does not know how many government websites exist. The National Audit Office estimates there may be as many as 2,500 sites.4 The number of websites in existence has contributed to making information and services hard for users to find....

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  • The Qatar Supreme Council for Family Affairs (QSCFA) is charged with reviewing and proposing legislation, promoting policies, adopting plans, implementing projects and programs, enhancing the role of national institutions, and disseminating information related to all aspects of family affairs in Qatar. Its six operating

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  • Broad management of NTDs contributes towards enhanced cognitive and physical development and to the reduction in number of underweight, malnourished and stunted children under the nutrition and child health targets, as well as to improved maternal health. Reduction of worm burden can also lead to improved health outcomes for individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. The GOK considers integrated management and control of NTDs both attainable and a high priority.

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  • In Mali, Minister of Health Madeleine Ba Diallo demonstrated support for government action on pneumonia by presiding over a public rally outside a community health center in Bamako that drew more than 500 participants and engaged youth volunteers from the School of Public Health to spread out across the city, disseminating information about the causes of pneumonia.

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  • The best format for document delivery depends on what you’re doing with the document. To create and edit a document, Microsoft Word can be an appropriate format. However, this is not necessarily the best format for dissemination of documents.

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