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  • U.S. government decisionmakers face a number of challenges as they attempt to form policies that aim to dissuade terrorists from attacking the United States, divert youths from joining terrorist groups, and persuade the leaders of states and nongovernmental institutions to withhold support for terrorists. The successes or

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  • There is an old schoolyard saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.” If all the talk about human rights violations seems sometimes to have little measurable effect, is it in the area of punitive trade mea- sures that violating States are more likely to say “ouch!” and be dissuaded from continuing along the path of either active violations of human rights or passive toleration of them in their countries? A good case can be made for trade sanctions as an instrument for bringing about a greater observance of human rights. But, as in so...

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  • With over 40% of businesses, on both sides of the Atlantic, either giving up or failing in their first year, going into business, on your own, is not for the faint hearted. Let us discuss what startingyour own business means. This report is not about dissuading you from being your own boss, but showing what qualities and dedication are needed from you to become a success. Whether you set out to become wealthy, earn a good living, or ...

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  • The core questionnaire includes 8 questions designed to test knowledge (Table 5). These vary in style and content in order to avoid undue biases that could be caused by different ways of processing information across certain types of people or cultural norms. Whilst some knowledge questions allow a person to give a completely free response others provide a list of possible answers, from which the respondent must choose their response.

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