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  • There were three invited talks from distinguished scientists: Robert Nieuwenhuis, Edward Tsang and Moshe Vardi. These proceedings include abstracts of each of their presentations. Details of the wide variety of workshops and the four tutorials that took place as part of the conference are also included. I would like to thank the Association for Constraint Programming (ACP) for inviting me to be Program Chair.

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  • The goal of this paper is to provide computable account for some definite descriptions. To this end, we define in terms of inclusion the notion of distinguishing description and of distinguishable entities introduced by [Dale 89]. These def'mitions allow us to give conditions of wellformedness for incomplete distinguishing descriptions. We also extend the notion of distinguishing description to take into account cases of synonymy and hyponymy. We describe a real application of a guided composition system where this sort of expressions arise. ...

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  • This book asks a lot of questions to help you learn how to study effectively. But there are no “right” or “wrong” answers here. Every question is designed to help you discover how you learn, and to help you do more of what works for you—whether you’re reading a text, listening to a lecture, writing a paper, or preparing for a test.

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  • Exploring for oil and gas Traps is one of the main aim of the “Crude Oil Exploration in the World” which represents an important part of the Treatise of Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry in the world. We have chosen eleven distinguished papers from the entire submitted researches around the world in the field of oil and gas exploration and environmental application from the world. These researches represent a guide to the petroleum geologists and geochemists all over the world.

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  • The debate is also reflected in the efforts to reform the regulatory environment in response to the current financial crisis. Brunnermeier et al. (2008) also conceptually distinguish between a regulatory and a market based notion of bank capital. When examining the roots of the crisis, Greenlaw et al. (2008) argue that banks’ active management of their capital structures in relation to internal value at risk, rather than regulatory constraints, was a key destabilising factor.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to evaluate if financial asset prices and, in par- ticular, sectoral stock prices can help to predict real economic growth. Earlier studies that have examined the predictive content of stock prices have employed broad-based indices. However, there are reasons to believe that some sectors making up the stock indices are more closely linked to the business cycle than others.

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  • In the northern part of Mississippi, the wood-furniture industry is a dominant industry. The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) at Mississippi State University (MSU) has conducted assessments in over thirty wood-furniture manufacturing facilities since 1994. This geographic region is served by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a quasi-public utility, and enjoys utility rate structures significantly lower than the national average.

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  • Several species of flies are found commonly in houses. Some of them so closely resemble the true house fly that it requires very careful observation to distinguish them from it. One of these is the biting stable fly[2] (fig. 1). It occurs frequently in houses and differs from the house fly in the important particular that its mouth parts are formed for piercing the skin. This fly is so often mistaken for the house fly that most people think that the house fly can bite.

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  • The dependent variable leverage is one minus the ratio of equity over assets in market values. It therefore includes both debt and non-debt liabilities such as deposits. The argument for using leverage rather than debt as the dependent variable is that leverage, unlike debt, is well defined (see Welch, 2007). Leverage is a structure that increases the sensitivity of equity to the underlying performance of the (financial) firm.

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  • As a lexical knowledge base constructed automatically from the definitions and example sentences in two machine-readable dictionaries (MRDs), MindNet embodies several features that distinguish it from prior work with MRDs. It is, however, more than this static resource alone. MindNet represents a general methodology for acquiring, structuring, accessing, and exploiting semantic information from natural language text.

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  • In modeling the structure of task-related discourse using plans, it is important to distinguish between plans that the agent has adopted and is pursuing and those that are only being considered and explored, since the kinds of utterances arising from a particular domain plan and the patterns of reference to domain plans and movement within the plan tree are quite different in the two cases.

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  • We refine and extend prior views of the description, purposes, and contexts-of-use of acknowledgment acts through empirical examination of the use of acknowledgments in task-based conversation. We distinguish three broad classes of acknowledgments (other--*ackn, self--*other--*ackn, and self+ackn) and present a catalogue of 13 patterns within these classes that account for the specific uses of acknowledgment in the corpus.

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  • A tool is described which helps in the creation, extension and updating of lexical knowledge bases (LKBs). Two levels of representation are distinguished: a static storage level and a dynamic knowledge level. The latter is an object-oriented environment containing linguistic and lexicographic knowledge. At the knowledge level, constructors and filters can be defined. Constructors are objects which extend the LKB both horizontally (new information) and vertically (new entries) using the linguistic knowledge.

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  • A multisignature scheme is a digital signature scheme that allows multiple signers to generate a single signature in a collaborative and simultaneous manner. In this paper we first review of the digital multisignature schemes using elliptic curvers and elliptic curve version of the multisignature scheme with distinguished signing responsibilities. Then, we propose a new multisignature scheme with distinguished signing responsibilities.

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  • Our analysis required us to construct bank credit aggregates for a large sample of countries. Domestic credit as usually measured captures only loans or securities booked at banks in a given jurisdiction vis-à-vis residents of that jurisdiction. To this we added the cross-border credit reported in the BIS international banking statistics, yielding a measure of the total credit provided by banks to non-banks in a particular country.

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  • The cave of Tham Khuyen in Lang Son Province, northeastern Vietnam, has yielded a large mammalian fauna of probable late middle Pleistocene date. A series of isolated hominoid primate teeth, formerly allocated to the extant orangutan Pongo pygmaeus, has recently been reexamined and found to represent more than one species. These specimens are described in detail in this paper and are analyzed as follows. Some ofthe teeth are indeed clearly identifiable as those of Pongo pygmaeus, but the majority appear to belong to a species related to the orangutan but not identical with it....

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  • The core-adjunct argument distinction is a basic one in the theory of argument structure. The task of distinguishing between the two has strong relations to various basic NLP tasks such as syntactic parsing, semantic role labeling and subcategorization acquisition. This paper presents a novel unsupervised algorithm for the task that uses no supervised models, utilizing instead state-of-the-art syntactic induction algorithms. This is the first work to tackle this task in a fully unsupervised scenario. ...

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  • The variety of engaging interactions among users in social medial distinguishes it from traditional Web media. Such a feature should be utilized while attempting to provide intelligent services to social media participants. In this article, we present a framework to recommend relevant information in Internet forums and blogs using user comments, one of the most representative of user behaviors in online discussion.

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  • Automatic processing of metaphor can be clearly divided into two subtasks: metaphor recognition (distinguishing between literal and metaphorical language in a text) and metaphor interpretation (identifying the intended literal meaning of a metaphorical expression). Both of them have been repeatedly addressed in NLP. This paper is the first comprehensive and systematic review of the existing computational models of metaphor, the issues of metaphor annotation in corpora and the available resources. ...

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  • We investigate prototype-driven learning for primarily unsupervised grammar induction. Prior knowledge is specified declaratively, by providing a few canonical examples of each target phrase type. This sparse prototype information is then propagated across a corpus using distributional similarity features, which augment an otherwise standard PCFG model. We show that distributional features are effective at distinguishing bracket labels, but not determining bracket locations.

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