Diversity initiatives

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  • Despite the U.S. armed forces’ historical role as a model for racial integration and decades of Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to promote racial and ethnic diversity, many groups are still underrepresented within the department, especially among DoD’s active duty and civilian leadership. This is a particularly important issue for DoD because many military leaders believe that maintaining a diverse workforce is critical for the department’s national security mission. This report discusses the initial steps that DoD should take in developing a department-wide plan to achie...

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  • Traditionally supply chain management has meant factories, assembly lines, warehouses, transportation vehicles, and time sheets. Modern supply chain management is a highly complex, multidimensional problem set with virtually endless number of variables for optimization. An Internet enabled supply chain may have just-in-time delivery, precise inventory visibility, and up-to-the-minute distribution-tracking capabilities.

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  • I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the Authors who contributed to this book by sharing their valuable works with us. This book should prove useful to students, researchers, and experts in the area of conservation biology, genetic diversity and molecular biology. The year 2010 has been celebrated as the international year of biodiversity by the United Nations and it has been a unique opportunity to realize the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining the life on Earth.

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  • The chemistry of fine organic intermediates and products shows an enormous diversity. But in reality, the number of operations/processes used remains reasonably small. These include charging/discharging of reactants and solvents, inertisation, reactions, crystallisations, phase separations, filtrations, distillation, product washing. In many cases cooling, heating, or the application of vacuum or pressure is necessary. The unavoidable waste streams are treated in recovery/abatement systems or disposed of as waste.

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  • The promoter or sponsor must be involved in all of the planning phases to ensure a successful event. Often, the promoter is interested in monetary gain more than he or she is interested in public safety. If this appears to be his or her primary goal, local agency participation is essential. You may encourage the promoter to cooperate by linking attendance at planning meetings with the permit process and issuance. For example, the permit to host the event may require the promoter’s presence at the initial planning meeting. Teamwork promotes successful events. One way...

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  • Like so many organizations is today’s global economy, Booz Allen Hamilton requires leadership that is diverse in its thinking, strong in business acumen and open to new ideas and opportunities. Founded in 1914, Booz Allen Hamilton is a strategy and technology consulting firm with more than 16,000 staff located on six continents. We have experienced tremendous growth, averaging 20 percent per year, over the past seven years. This growth has stretched our current leaders and created new challenges for developing future leaders....

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  • Investment of financial and human resources. A higher proportion of national budgets should be allocated to develop- ing adequate infrastructure and services for mental health. At the same time, more human resources are needed to provide care for those with mental disorders and to protect and promote mental health. Countries, especially those with limited resources, need to establish specifically targeted policies, plans and initiatives to promote and support mental health. Who needs to invest? All of us with interest in the health and development of people and communities.

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  • The initial idea that exogenous opiates can affect immune function was first floated in 1898 when Cantacuze described the effect of opium on leukocyte phagocytosis in guinea pig model. Recently findings from several investigators (Quaglio et al., 2002; Nath et al., 2002; Georges et al., 1999; Vallejo et al., 2004; Roy et al., 2006; Somaini et al., 2008) support the role of opiates in suppressing a variety of immunological end points in opiate abusers.

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  • This report would not have been possible without the important contributions of National Research Council (NRC) leadership and staff, and many other organizations. First, we acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF). We particularly thank David Ucko, deputy division director of the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings, whose initial and continuing engagement with the committee supported and encouraged the development of the report....

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  • the case studies that follow, from across sub-saharan africa, south asia, europe and central asia, latin america and north america, highlight the rich diversity of community initiatives that bridge sexual and reproductive health and rights and Hiv. the report has a strategic emphasis on the innovation that is being led by women living with Hiv and features pioneering endeavours that reflect community and key stakeholder interpretation and understanding of how this intersection is defined.

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  • This chapter discusses several types of training and assistance that you can use to develop your troubleshooting skills. While some argue that troubleshooting is anart, in fact, successful troubleshooting depends more on logic and knowledge. Because of this, troubleshooting can be taught and developed. Some of the troubleshooter’s skill develops naturally due to experience, but experience alone is seldom enough to produce a troubleshooter capable of tackling a wide variety of situations.

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  • The Cove building has recorded 195 resales with 11 resulting in a loss ranging from -1% to -17%. A further three sales were resold at the initial purchase price. The resales have averaged 20% within the Cove. Two sales resulted in a capital gain of 71%. One apartment was purchased for $535,000 in August 2002 and resold for $915,000 in May 2010 whereas the other apartment was acquired in 2003 for close to $6 million and resold in 2006. A further ten resales ensured a 50% to 70% capital gain and another 24 sales resulted in a 30% to 50% gain....

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  • Unlocking Forest Bonds was a workshop hosted by the WWF Forest & Climate Initiative, Global Canopy Programme (GCP) and Climate Bonds Initiative on 25 February 2011 in London. The hosts are very grateful to all those who attended for their participation and to the organisations that supported the

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  • The cave of Tham Khuyen in Lang Son Province, northeastern Vietnam, has yielded a large mammalian fauna of probable late middle Pleistocene date. A series of isolated hominoid primate teeth, formerly allocated to the extant orangutan Pongo pygmaeus, has recently been reexamined and found to represent more than one species. These specimens are described in detail in this paper and are analyzed as follows. Some ofthe teeth are indeed clearly identifiable as those of Pongo pygmaeus, but the majority appear to belong to a species related to the orangutan but not identical with it....

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  • Challenges for the global response to hiv. This progress, however, is fragile and unevenly distributed. HIV incidence is increasing in some countries and regions, and too many new infections are still occurring: 2.6 million in 2009 alone, contributing to the current global prevalence of 33.3 million. 3 Although much reduced from their peak in 1999, new infections continue to outpace the number of people placed on treatment. Most people in need still do not have access to antiretroviral therapy, and demand is growing.

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  • Tobacco pathogenesis-related protein 1a (PR-1a) is induced in plants during the hypersensitive response (HR) after exposure of plants to salicylic acid (SA) and by develop-mental cues.Gene activation by these diverse stimuli is mediated via anas-1-like element in the PR-1aupstream region.To further analyze the significance of thiscis-acting sequence, an authentic as-1element from the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S RNA promoter was inserted into the PR-1apromoter in place of theas-1-like motif.

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  • Caspases are a conserved family of cysteine proteases. They play diverse roles in inflammatory responses and apoptotic pathways. Among the casp-ases is a subgroup whose primary function is to initiate apoptosis. Within their long prodomains, caspases-2, -9 and -12 contain a caspase activation and recruitment domain while caspases-8 and -10 bear death effector domains.

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  • Chapter 3 - Perception and personality in organisations. Chapter learning objectives: Outline the perceptual process, explain how we perceive ourselves and others through social identity, discuss the accuracy of stereotypes, describe the attribution process and two attribution errors, diagram the self-fulfilling prophecy process, discuss three types of diversity initiatives, explain how the johari window can help improve our perceptions,...

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  • The following case studies illustrate various instances of implementing and interacting with a specific knowledge management initiative. They are diverse both in terms of the industries in which the particular organisations are as well as the countries in which these organisations are located.

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  • Tropical neurology refers to those diseases of the nervous system which prevail between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Warm and humid tropical climates are ideal for growth and multiplication. The diversity and density of flora and fauna, including the human population, is not surprising in this region. Initially the tropical diseases included mainly the infectious and parasitic diseases. Today the world population is close to 5.6 billion and by 2050, is likely to exceed 10 billion; much of this growth is likely to occur in the tropical region....

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