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  • The Secretariats of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and the Convention on Biological Diversity signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 23rd March 1996. The articles of neither treaty require this but it was a decision of the Parties to both conventions to move in this direction.’ The memorandum provides for institutional cooperation between the Secretariats, exchange of information, coordination of work programmes and joint conservation action....

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  • This study presents a comprehensive analysis of 61 textbooks widely used in South African primary schools. In a complex analysis of diversity and representation, the study shows that although there has been improvement in the representation of black male learners in Grade 1 texts, girls as well as poor and working class characters, particularly in rural settings, feature less often. Disabled people are virtually invisible. While there are signs that publishers are taking steps to address the situation, there is room for improvement....

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  • Obesity (defined as body mass Index [BMI] 95th percentile, or BMI score z 2.0) is a well defined and very complex disease of which overweight is merely one of the signs. Increasing obesity prevalence in youth over the last three decades has led to growing evidence of its implications for human health.

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  • Ensure you understand the project vision and spend time documenting and determining the project objectives. Produce a project plan document that describes the test system deliverables. It is a good idea to document what is in scope as well as out of scope for absolute clarity. Verify the content of this document with the key stakeholder, spending time to walk them through it, and ask them to sign off on it. You should plan for some degree of scope creep in most projects; therefore, it is important to design a process to manage these changes. You can then implement a...

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  • Purpose: To show, share, learn, and enjoy being with others who love to make dolls. Finding members: Often a colorful poster with a sign-up sheet, displayed in your local craft or fabric shop, will draw interested people. You might also place an invitation on your local newspaper's events page. Plan an exhibit of hand-made dolls at a shop or mall, and have a sign-up sheet available. Do not limit your group to people with only one dollmaking interest. Everyone will learn more in a diverse group: cloth, porcelain, and creative clay dollmaking. Size of group: The number of members...

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  • La rédaction des Cahiers – organe de la SNDLF – a le plaisir de mettre à la disposition de ses lecteurs les textes de ce numéro hors série réalisé à l’initiative du Collège des Enseignants de Nutrition dans le but de fournir un “poly” à vocation nationale à l’usage des étudiants en médecine de 2e cycle. Les différents chapitres suivent au plus près les nouveaux programmes.

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  • Chronic venous disease of the lower limbs is manifested by a range of signs, the most obvious of which are varicose veins and venous ulcers. However, the signs also include edema, venous eczema, hyperpigmentation of skin of the ankle, atrophie blanche (white scar tissue), and lipodermatosclerosis (induration caused by fibrosis of the subcutaneous fat) (Fig. 1). Considerable progress has been made in understanding the mechanisms that underlie these diverse manifestations, in particular the role of inflammation. This article reviews these advances and places them in a clinical context....

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  • Two types of diversions are reported by the water use database: interbasin (transfers that take place between the Great Lakes basin and another watershed) and intrabasin (transfers that take place between one of the Great Lakes watersheds and another); both types can be either incoming or outgoing. Of the two types, interbasin diversions (transfers that take place between the Great Lakes basin and another watershed) have traditionally been of greater interest to water supply managers and the public. Interbasin diversions shown in the tables as a positive number (e.g.

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