Dna motor proteins

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  • NA helicases are ubiquitous molecular motor proteins which harness the chemical free energy of ATPhydrolysis to catalyze the unwinding of energetically stable duplex DNA, and thus play important roles in nearly all aspects of nucleic acid metabolism, including replication, repair, recombina-tion, and transcription. They break the hydrogen bonds between the duplex helix and move unidirectionally along the bound strand. All helicases are also translocases and DNA-dependentATPases.Most contain conserved helicase motifs that act as an engine to power DNA unwinding. ...

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  • Replicative helicases are major motor proteins essential for chromosomal DNA replication in prokaryotes. Usually hexameric in solution, their DNA binding property must have different roles at stages ranging from the load-ing onto a branched structure at initiation from the origin to the highly pro-cessive translocation during elongation.

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  • Homologous recombination (HR) serves to eliminate deleterious lesions, such as double-stranded breaks and interstrand crosslinks, from chromosomes. HR is also critical for the preservation of replication forks, for telomere maintenance, and chromosome segregation in meiosis I. As such, HR is indispensable for the maintenance of genome integrity and the avoidance of cancers in humans. The HR reaction is mediated by a conserved class of enzymes termed recombinases.

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