Domestic relationships

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  • The discipline of economics has developed principles, theories, and models that isolate the most important determinants of economic events. In constructing a model, economists make assumptions to eliminate unnecessary detail to reduce the complexity of economic behavior. Once modeled, economic behavior may be presented as a relationship between dependent and independent variables. The behavior being explained is the dependent variable; the economic events explaining that behavior are the independent variables.

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  • The National Conference is emerging as a modern African form of government restructuring. It is closely modeled on village consensus politics. Under the silk cotton tree in the center of the village, every Elder in turn takes the Word and has his say. Each Elder carefully repeats the points he agrees with from previous speeches, then adds certain aspects that will be taken up and repeated in their turn. So finally the Chief interprets consensus. This is the decision of the village... It is slow but it works. Robert Lacville Guardian Weekly, October 27, 1991 At a recent...

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  • The history of the LGBT movement has been a serpentine series of crusades to identify and combat the myriad legal discriminations, oppressions, and social proscriptions that faced its constituents. Choosing what battles to fight—for any group—is always a compli- cated historical and cultural process, and the choices made depend on a wide range of factors. In recent years the battle for marriage equality has become, for many activists, the central struggle of the fight for lesbian and gay rights.

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  • Over 25 million people in the UK spend a large part of their lives at work. It stands to reason that a psychologically healthy workforce and a supportive work environment will benefit staff and employers alike. In a Confederation of British Industry (CBI) survey of over 800 companies, 98% of respondents said they thought that the mental health of employees should be a company concern. Similarly, the large majority (81%) considered that the mental health of staff should be part of company policy.

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  • To achieve these objectives the government formulated various strategies. The Minister for Economic Development, stated that “the government has to tackle the most serious problems of mobilizing domestic savings to finance the nation’s investment program if it is to attain the desired goals (Toganivalu, 1978). This statement indicated a need for a mechanism, which can be an intermediary in the savings and investment process.

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  • Chapter 24 - Measuring domestic output and national income. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain how gross domestic product (GDP) is defined and measured; describe the relationships among GDP, net domestic product, national income, personal income, and disposable income; discuss the nature and function of a GDP price index, and describe the difference between nominal GDP and real GDP; list and explain some limitations of the GDP measure.

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  • Bilateral Investment Treaty’s effects on FDI and the domestic business environment remain unexplored despite the proliferation of treaties over the past several years. This paper asks whether BITs stimulate FDI flows to host countries, and if the treaties have any impact on the environment for domestic private investment. We find a weak relationship between BITs and FDI. However, for risky countries, BITs attract greater amounts of FDI. We also find a weak relationship between BITs and the domestic investment environment.

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  • An analysis of the complex relationship between demographic changes and impacts on the natural-resource base confirms that resource exploitation is occurring not only to meet growing domestic needs but also for other vested interests. Population, together with other major drivers, such as institutions, markets, and technology, will have a very strong bearing on the way in which the rich resources of the Mekong River Basin are developed and distributed in the present and future.

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  • SERVICE DIFFERS FROM product marketing due to the fact MARKETING that services are intangible and typically require personal interaction with the customer. Yet an understanding of this type of marketing is important since service jobs generate 74 percent of gross domestic product. Even though many of the tactics of product marketing (e.g., advertising) require only minor adaptation to be applied to services, the role of interpersonal relationships distinguishes service and product marketing in strategic vision and organizational considerations.

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  • As neighbors and partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the U.S. and Mexico share a broad and expanding trade relationship. Since the implementation of NAFTA, trade between Mexico and the U.S. has tripled. Up to 1 million Americans currently live in Mexico and more than 18,000 companies with U.S. investment have operations in Mexico. In fact, the U.S. accounts for 47 percent of all foreign investment in Mexico. With gross domestic product growth of 3 percent in 2007 and 2.05 percent in 2008 (compared to 2.2 percent in the U.S. in 2007 and 1.

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  • The Family Law Act 1996 will provide the framework for divorce and separation, for mediation and for disputes involving domestic violence for many years to come. It will be up to the family lawyers to ensure that the Act lives up to its principles in supporting marriage and, if divorce or separation are inevitable, then in concluding the arrangements with minimum distress to the parties and their children and promoting a good continuing relationship.Any risk of violence is to be removed or diminished so far as is practicable.

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  • Chapter 4 "Balance of payment" Lecture Multinational financial management introduce to you the content: Explain what the balance of payments BOP is study how to analyze BOP, discuss the relationship between the BOP and the gross domestic product, the exchange rate, the interest rate, and the inflation rate,...

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  • Accounting relationships state definite facts about the world in relational terms. In particular, the national income identity (which simply states that total expenditure is the sum of its components) 8 implies, without need for further proof, that there is a reciprocal, offsetting relationship between public deficits and private savings. To be precise, the financial balance of the private sector (the excess of domestic saving over domestic investment) must always just equal the sum of the government budget deficit and the net export surplus.

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  • However, less attention has been paid to smaller emerging markets, especially in the GCC countries where share dealing is a relatively recent phenomenon. Using VAR models and cointegration tests, Hammoudeh and Eleisa (2004) show that there is a bidirectional relationship between Saudi stock returns and oil price changes. The findings also suggest that the other GCC markets are not directly linked to oil prices and are less dependent on oil exports and are more influenced by domestic factors. Bashar (2006) uses VAR analysis to study the effect of oil price changes on GCC....

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  • Chapter 11 - Economic growth and the investment decision. This chapter describe and compare factors favoring and limiting economic growth in developed and developing economies, describe the relationship between the long-run rate of stock market appreciation and the sustainable growth rate of the economy, explain the importance of potential gross domestic product (GDP) and its growth rate in the investment decisions of equity and fixed-income investors,...

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  • No one is immune from the risk of abuse. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that 818,000 elderly Americans were victims of domestic abuse in 1994. 16, 17 There are far fewer data on lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual (LGTB) victimization. However, the available literature suggests similarly high rates for LGTB adolescent and adult populations 18, 19 with higher rates in male same-sex relationships than female.

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