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  • Drawing a cartoon sun is one of the easiest things to draw. At least, that's what I imagine you must be thinking. When you look up into the sky at the real sun (don't look at it too long) it's not much more than a big ball of blinding light. So to draw a cartoon version of the sun you would expect it to also be something simple, something bright and you're totally right. Anyone can draw a circle though, so you will learn how to draw curves and make this sun shine brightly. Step 1 - A Big Ball of...

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  • The five chapters in Part I provide all the basics you need to start drawing in AutoCAD. These chapters are essential for the beginner, but even current users will find some new tips and pointers, especially related to features that are new for AutoCAD 2002. If you feel you know enough to skip to Part II, skim this part first for New Feature icons to bring yourself up to date. Some of the major new features of AutoCAD 2002 are introduced here.

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  • Bear characteristics: Large, powerful body; powerful limbs appear relatively short. Rear feet wide. Walks on sole and heel of rear foot and usually on digits of front foot. Five digits per limb with long, curved, nonretractile claws. Front claws longer than rear claws. Large head, small eyes. Small, round, erect, furry ears. Large canines; flat, grinding molars. Short tail. Arched back, high shoulder. Grizzly has most prominent shoulder hump and dished, slightly concave face (in profile). Can have very thick layer of fur.

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  • Lion (feline) characteristics: Elongated skull. Proportion of skull varies—large in lion, jaguar, and tiger, small in cheetah and mountain lion. Large canines, small incisors. Cheek teeth with sharp edges for shearing. Large temporalis and masseter muscles of skull to powerfully close jaw. Eyes shifted slightly forward for binocular vision. Constricted pupil is round in large cats, vertical in domestic cats (pupil is horizontal in sheep and goats). Top edge of scapula usually higher than tips of thoracic vertebrae.

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  • This cute, plump cartoon panda is a lot of fun to make and also extremely easy if you follow these steps. There are lots of circles and ovals in this one as the panda is nice and round, so be sure to check the placement and size of each one! Step 1 - Drawing Circles Make a small oval (for the head) and then a much bigger semi circle below the top oval for the body. Close the bottom semi-circle off with a curved line to finish off the body of the cartoon panda.

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  • Get ready for some armor action! Don’t roll yourself up into a ball like this little dude – simply follow our step-by-step guide to learning how to draw a cartoon armadillo. You’ll soon be wowing friends and family with your supreme skills with a pencil! STEP-1: Coming out of our Shell with some Basic Shapes The name 'armadillo' means 'little armored one' in Spanish, so to get started on this stylish señor, let's draw a basic shape which will form the basis for our awesome picture. Sketch out a large curve with a jagged edge, as in our illustration. ...

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  • This angry cartoon wolf drawing can be started with very few simple lines and some basic shapes. Grab your drawing tool of choice, for me that will be a mechanical pencil, and let's get going! Step 1 - The Head, Nose and Chest Make one big circle for the head and then another smaller one directly underneath it for the body. The body circle should overlap the head circle like shown in the sketch. Then place the two slightly-curved lines on top of the bigger circle to create the shape and placement of the ears. After that comes the...

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  • Learn how to draw cartoon chickens with just a few simple shapes and lines. Grab your drawing gear and follow along! Step 1 - Starting Circles Make a circle for the head and below that give some space and then draw a large oval-for the body. Look at the example for the exact proportion and placement of the head and the body. .Step 2 - Detailing the Head Draw two slightly curved lines coming down from the side of the head circle. One line touches the body oval while the other line curves out. Join the two lines of the neck along...

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  • Step 1 - The Trunk Your palm tree drawing should start off the trunk. Get a good image to use as reference if you are not familiar with how this tree looks. The trunk is really simple, but notice that it is slightly curved which is different than other trees. At the top of the tree there are some spiky parts that you should add. Try to keep in mind that the trunk is circular, so when you're adding the 'spikes' at the top they should appear to point in all directions.

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  • This cute little monkey cartoon drawing is quite easy to make and you are going to love the end result! Take out your drawing stuff and get going! STEP-1: Placement of the head and body First, make a rounded oval and then draw another curved long along the top of the oval that has the same type of curve. Next make a small circle below the head oval which will be for the body. The space between the two shapes shouldn't be too much. Follow the example drawing for the right size of these shapes as well as the distance...

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  • This cartoon lion is really easy to draw so let's not waste any time and get right into this. Remember to draw lightly so if you need to erase something later it will easily come off the page. Step 1 - The Head and Body The head is an oval shape that is stretched a little bit from top to bottom. The body is just two curved lines connected by a straight line along the bottom. Notice that the head is wider than the body and this is because we'll be adding a big mane to the lion. .Step 2...

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  • This cartoon dogs drawing lesson is a little different than some of the other tutorials you may have done on this site because instead of starting off with simple shapes were going to start off by drawing forms. Step 1 - The Head and Body Forms There are two lines in this step. The curved line at the top that looks a little bit like an unfolded paperclip is the head and the outline of the back. The other line is the chest and midsection. Take a quick look at the finished drawing and see how the curve of...

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  • Look into my eyessssshhhhhh, you’re feeling sssshhhhhleeepy! The snake, Kaa, from Disney’s The Jungle Book, was well known for his hypnotic eyes and now it’s time to mezmerize your friends and family with your awesome drawing skills as you learn how to draw a cartoon snake, one of these fascinating creatures. Go right ahead - he won’t bite! STEP-1: Basic Shape of our Snake For our first step in how to draw a cartoon snake, we’ll start off nice an easy with a simple curved line. This will give you a basis to work from and help you create a...

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  • Dragon drawing, like the image to the left, is a lot easier than you might think. It looks complex, but the shapes are very basic, once you start to break them down. If you can draw a curve and a straight line that's about all that you need to know. No joke! A great inspiration came to make this tutorial after buying and watching several cartoon series on DVD. I wanted to show you how to make something that could fit into that kind of cool, modern style; basic, flat colors, simple shapes, and stylish design. *Remember to draw...

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  • The adorable duck cartoon drawing showing a mother duck taking her two little ducklings out in the water is a lot of fun to make and quite easy if you just follow along with the steps below. Step 1 - Body and Head Make a circle for the head and below that draw another oval-for the body of the mother duck. That's it for the first step. Move on to the next step. Step 2 - Drawing the Neck Join the circle with the oval by drawing two curving lines - both of them curving in the opposite direction, so...

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  • Cartoon trees are one of the easiest things to learn to draw. Once you have a basic tree, you can start varying your tree types and shapes to create whole forests. But before you start experimenting, let's start with four basic steps to creating trees. Step 1: This is actually really simple. You are going to draw two vertical arcs, starting about the same height and about the same length. Make them curve a little differently, though, to give your tree character.

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  • Contour drawing consists of drawing exactly what it sounds like: the contour or outline of an object. This can be used for many different reasons. When learning to train your eye to see, contour drawing is one of the best methods to start with, and often it is one of the first things you learn how to do in drawing class. Instead of drawing the object, you are forced to draw the negative space instead. This helps train your eye to see, forcing you to follow the curves and lines of the object as you draw it, not what...

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  • The chapter describes how to create one-, two-, and threeview sketches with traditional tools and CAD. Also described are standard practices for representing edges, curves, holes, tangencies, and fillets and rounds. The foundation of multiviews is orthographic projection, based on parallel lines of sight and mutually perpendicular views. Also introduced in this chapter are visualization techniques that can be used to help create and interpret multiviews.

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  • Tạo cánh hoa Đầu tiên vẽ một đường căn bản, chọn lệnh Draw Curve B-Spline. Từ cửa sổ Front nhấp chọn các điểm liên tiếp nhau tạo thành một đường cong có dạng như hình sau :Trong bài tập này các bạn sẽ được hướng dẫn sử dụng lệnh Skin và Extrusion để vẽ tạo ra một nhánh hoa hổng gồm cánh hoa, lá và thân cây. Để vẽ được một nhánh hoa như thế bạn sẽ mất khá nhiều thời gian, đòi hỏi bạn phải có cái nhìn vật thể 3 chiều cũng như sự pha trộn...

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  • This cute penguin cartoon is not very difficult to make and you are going to love the end result! Pencils? Check! Eraser? Check! Get your gear and let's get to it! STEP-1: Start With the Head Start off by making a large circle for the cartoon penguin's head. Then, just at the top centre of the circle, make a couple of tilted curving shapes like shown in the example image. Make sure to make one of them smaller than the other.

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