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  • Projection methods are developed along two lines: perspective and parallel. Projection theory comprises the principles used to represent graphically 3-D objects and structures on 2-D media Drawing more than one face of an object by moving your line of sight relative to the object helps in understanding the 3-D form. A line of sight is an imaginary ray of light between an observer's eye and the object.

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  • The chapter describes how to create one-, two-, and threeview sketches with traditional tools and CAD. Also described are standard practices for representing edges, curves, holes, tangencies, and fillets and rounds. The foundation of multiviews is orthographic projection, based on parallel lines of sight and mutually perpendicular views. Also introduced in this chapter are visualization techniques that can be used to help create and interpret multiviews.

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  • Lecture Engineering drawing and design - Lecture 3: Pictorial projections. The learning objectives for this chapter include: How to represent a 3-D object effectively on a 2-D drawing surface with a single view (pictorials), how to generate pictorials using only hand drawing tools, recognize types of pictorials.

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  • Muterials science emerged in USA, some time in thc carly 1950s. That phrase denoted a new scientific concept, born out of metallurgy, and this book is devoted to the emergence, development and consequences of that concept, in the US and elsewhere. Just who first coined the phrase is not known, but it is clear that by 1956 a number of senior research scientists had acquired the habit of using it.

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  • The Story of Risk in the Hundred Acre Wood One can draw parallels by looking at the characters in the Winnie the Pooh stories. Some people are Piglets who worry, worry, worry and want to take no risks whatsoever. Others are Eyores who are gloomy and resigned to the worst possible thing happening, so why fight it. And then some are utterly confident and wise in their view that everything is under control and that nothing bad could possibly happen in their organization – clearly Owl – until their house blows down.

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  • To me, workflow engines such as Microsoft BizTalk always seemed like a really expensive thing that I didn't need for many projects. I always thought, “How hard can it be to actually code the logic you draw on the screen?” As a result, I spent a lot of time not learning what a workflow engine could do for me and, instead, lived with “just code.” Still, I was intrigued and would bug my friends about what they saw as the value of BizTalk. They would usually get me excited enough to try installing the product and learning how it worked. Every time I tried to make...

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  • Steel Bridge Construction Figure 45.39 Manufacturing facility for production of shop-fabricated parallel-wire strands (PWS). Prior to 1966, parallel-wire suspension bridge cables had to be constructed wire-by-wire in the field using the aerial spinning procedure developed by John Roebling in the mid-19th century (refer to Figures 45.25 and 45.26). In the early 1960s a major U.S. steelwork contractor originated and developed a procedure for manufacturing and reeling parallelwire strands, as shown in these patent drawings. A PWS can contain up to 127 wires (see Figures 45.45 and 45.46).

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  • This note aims to encourage operations managers and staff not only to give priority to project implementation performance but also to balance it with sustainable institutional capacity development beyond the project. To that end, existing country institutions should be the “default” mode, and PIUs—especially parallel “stand-alone” PIUs—should be phased out. This note reflects lessons learned and draws on existing good practices in the expectation that they can become the rule rather than the exception.

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  • The goal of a system approach to vehicle design is to define the technical specifications of each component, in such a way that the vehicle, as a whole, performs its functions according to assigned procedures and objectives. By technical specifications, we mean a set of physical measurements that define each part, completely without the use of detailed drawings.

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  • Resolution can be as high as 400 X 800 dpi, with gray scales ranging from 16-128 values. These are medium- to high-throughput devices, producing complex images in about a minute. On-board computing facilities, such as RISC processors and fast hard disk storage mechanisms, contribute to rapid drawing and processing speeds. Expansion slots accommodate interface cards for LANs or parallel ports. InkJet Plotter. InkJet plotters and printers fire tiny ink droplets at paper or a similar medium from minute nozzles in the printing head. H...

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  • On the morning of October 6, 1829, there began at Rainhill, in England, a contest without parallel in either sport or industry. There were four entries: Braithwaite and Ericsson's Novelty. Timothy Hackworth's Sans-pareil. Stephenson and Booth's Rocket. Burstall's Perseverance. .These were neither race-horses nor stagecoaches, but rival types of the newly invented steam locomotive. To win the £500 prize offered, the successful engine, if weighing six tons, must be able to draw a load of twenty tons at ten miles an hour, and to cover at least seventy miles a day.

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  • Finally, international (foreign currency) credit can also put upward pressure on the real exchange rate, as borrowers exchange foreign for domestic currency for the purchase of domestic goods or assets. With a fixed exchange rate (or within a currency area), real exchange rate appreciation can take the form of relatively rapid inflation. For a country with an independent currency, real exchange rate appreciation can result from either nominal appreciation or relatively rapid inflation.

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  • Rapid expansion in international credit bears watching because, in many boom-bust credit cycles in the past, such credit tended to grow faster than overall credit during the boom.5 We illustrate this broad finding with data from several European countries that have suffered credit booms and busts since 2000. Then, we draw a parallel with countries that were caught up in the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. By international credit, we refer to three components of total bank credit, the first two of which are types of cross-border credit.

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  • Architects have been drawing digitally for nearly thirty years. CAD programs have made two­ dimensional drawing efficient, easy to edit, and, with a little practice, simple to do. Yet for many years, as the process of making drawings steadily shifted from being analog to digital, the design of buildings did not really reflect the change. CAD replaced drawing with a parallel rule and lead pointer, but buildings looked pretty much the same. This is perhaps not so surprising-one form of two-dimensional representation simply replaced another.

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  • A good example of this merging and perceptual elevation is Dunescape, the project that won MoMAI P.S.l's Young Architects Program the year before Massie's Playa Urbana/Urban Beach. Designed and built by by SHoP Architects, Dunescape is an architecturalized landscape built completely as a series of parallel, stacked dimensional lumber. While manual labor was required to cut, assemble, and fasten the pieces in the actual construction, the methodology was completely digitally driven.

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