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  • ore and more consumers are looking for health benefits associated with their food or drink product; these concerns range from the effects of probiotics, the health benefits associated with a meat-reduction diet to the role of antioxidants in ageing and skincare. New Profit Opportunities in Health and Nutrition to 2009: Changing consumer concerns and market influencers in food and drinks reveals consumers' health concerns and the relationship between nutrition and purchasing habits.

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  • The Daily Perc (TDP) is a specialty beverage retailer. TDP uses a system that is new to the beverage and food service industry to provide hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way. TDP provides its customers the ability to drive up and order (from a trained Barista) their choice of a custom-blended espresso drink, freshly brewed coffee, or other beverage. TDP is offering a highquality option to the fast-food, gas station, or institutional coffee.

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  • Khi một thương hiệu nhỏ phát triển lớn mạnh, chúng có nguy cơ đánh mất những người hâm mộ ban đầu. Làm thế nào mà những thương hiệu như Innocent Drinks, Tyrells Potato và Hill Station lại có thể mở rộng phạm vi của họ và phát triển lớn mạnh mà không làm mất đi những người hâm mộ lần đầu tiên khám phá ra họ? Một mái tóc vàng hoe à? Không! Darcy không có một mái tóc vàng như vậy, tóc anh ta màu đen và anh cao khoảng 1m90… Bất cứ ai đã từng chết mê chết...

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  • Tất cả các dòng sản phẩm nước ngọt đóng chai (ready-to-drink tea) trở thành một chủ đề được thảo luận nhiều trong thời gian gần đây.

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  • Khi một thương hiệu nhỏ phát triển lớn mạnh, chúng có nguy cơ đánh mất những người hâm mộ ban đầu. Làm thế nào mà những thương hiệu như Innocent Drinks, Tyrells Potato và Hill Station lại có thể mở rộng phạm vi của họ và phát triển lớn mạnh mà không làm mất đi những người hâm mộ lần đầu tiên khám phá ra họ?

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  • Với doanh thu leo từ 17 triệu bảng Anh năm ngoái đến khoảng 30 triệu bảng trong năm nay, công ty nước giải khát Innocent Drinks, thành lập năm 1998, đặt tại Luân Đôn, chuẩn bị thực hiện đoạn phim quảng cáo truyền hình đầu tiên và hy vọng có thể lách được “vết xe đổ” của những người đi trước.

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  • Nutrition during childhood and adolescence is essential for growth and development, health and well-being. [1,2] Further, eating behaviors established during childhood track into adulthood and contribute to long-term health and chronic disease risk. [3,4] Numerous studies have consistently documented that dietary intake patterns of American children and adolescents are poor and do not meet national dietary goals. [5-8] In addition, US food consumption trend data show a shift over the past few decades.

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  • Trà xanh đóng chai (ready-to-drink tea) trở thành một chủ đề được thảo luận nhiều trong thời gian gần đây. Quan sát các sự kiện liên quan đến loại nước giải khát này, chúng ta có thể rút ra những kinh nghiệm quý báu cho hoạt động truyền thông thương hiệu.

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  • The publications included in the review reported chemical analyses on 100 distinct foodstuffs and presented data on 455 nutrients and other substances. Statistical analysis by foodstuff was impractical given the large array of different foods (and cultivars/breeds) presented in included publications. The review team therefore decided to facilitate analysis and interpretation of the available information by categorising the nutrients and other substances reported into nutrient groups or “families”. ...

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  • The quality of water is central to all of the roles that water plays in our lives. From the beauty of natural waterways teem- ing with wildlife, to the vital livelihoods that clean rivers and streams support, to the essential role that safe water plays in drinking water and health – good water quality is fundamental to the network of life and livelihood that water supports. Water is the source of life on earth, and human civilizations blossomed where there was reliable and clean freshwater.

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  • Chapter 3 - Demand, supply, and market equilibrium. The model of supply and demand is the economics profession’s greatest contribution to human understanding because it explains the operation of the markets on which we depend for nearly everything that we eat, drink, or consume. The model is so powerful and so widely used that to many people it is economics. This chapter explains how the model works and how it can explain both the quantities that are bought and sold in markets as well as the prices at which they trade.

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  • 101. Residents began to ------- the area after hearing news the volcano would erupt. (a) gain (b) remake (c) commute (d) evacuate 102. Analysts ------- the country improve its infrastructure to get foreign investment. (a) suggested (b) suggest to (c) suggesting (d) were suggested 103. In accordance with market trends, food and drink companies ------- healthier images. (a) looked (b) sought (c) helped (d) believed

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  • When the first edition of this book was published in 1985, the retail markets in Australasia, Europe and North America were dominated by just one product – stirred fruit yoghurt, with natural set yoghurt occupying a well-defined niche. Some traditional products like labneh and drinking yoghurt were manufactured on a small scale but, in general, the choice available to consumers was strictly limited.

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  • Although the concept of prebiotics and probiotics started in the 1970’s, it was dormant until 1994 when Danone, an European dairy and confectionary manufacturer, launched Actimel probiotic drinking yogurt in 100 ml daily-dose bottles. Actimel revolutionizes the dietary supplements market and is now considered as the leading “immunity” yogurt brand worldwide. Actimel earned over $1.8 billion in retail sales in 2007. The concept of prebiotics and probiotics reached its peak in April 2008 when the International Probiotics Association had its World Congress in Los Angeles, CA. ...

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  • Much of the content is based on the work done by WSP’s global rural sanitation team. Without their hard work and dedication on the ground, this publication would not have been possible. Contributions from Eduardo Perez, task team leader for WSP’s Scaling Up Rural Sanitation, Yolande Coombes, senior water and sanitation specialist, and Ian Moise should also be acknowledged.

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  • The overall fragility of the marginal wine drinker segment is highlighted by the long-term trend among them for growing preferences of other forms of beverage alcohol over wine. In the 2003 Merrill Research study, only 50 percent of marginal wine drinkers stated that they actually preferred wine over beer and spirits. Marginal wine drinkers have trimmed their wine consumption levels overall in the past three years.

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  • Yet, not enough countries use these and other effective policy options to prevent death, disease and injury attributable to alcohol consumption. Since 1999, when WHO fi rst began to report on alcohol policies, at least 34 countries have adopted some type of formal policies. Restrictions on alcohol marketing and on drink–driving have increased but, in general, there are no clear trends on most preventive measures.

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