Dry season

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  • Phytoplankton community and their correlation with environmental factors were investigated in the Dong Nai River. Higher diversity was observed in dry season with the dominance of diatom. Environmental variables were different between upper and lower sections. Phytoplankton metrics and the nutrient concentration characterized a pollution gradient along the river. Nutrient levels and turbidity governed the distribution of phytoplankton structure in the river.

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  • Mekong River, the 11th largest river in the world, is the main water source for irrigation, fishery, and domestic use… In short, the living of the whole population in the Mekong Delta (MD) is depending and will be depended on this resource. The MD of Vietnam is located at the most downstream part of the Mekong river basin. With a population of 17 million inhabitants living in 4 million hectares of land, the MD has great potentials for agricultural production. The MD is the most important agricultural production region for the whole country.

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  • This paper identifies five water environmental problems in the Delta that are the principal limiting factors of agricultural production and human health, i.e. (i) the salinity intrusion in the coastal areas, (ii) the effect of acid sulfate soils, (iii) the polluted water from human activities, (iv) the fresh water shortage in the dry season and (v) the flood in the rainy season. The discussion and conclusion present the people’s adaption strategies and water gorvernance issues in pursing sustainable management in the region.......

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  • In the early years of the 20th century, Buon Ma Thuot people chose a flat place to settle. The six-road junction constitutes a convergence point of many intermingled roads connecting the residential areas of the Kinh with the villages of the E De and the road to the midland region. These red-soil roads used to be muddy in the rainy season and dusty in the dry season

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  • Based on the passage information, which of the following characterizes the northern part of the Central Andes’ high-altitude plateaus? (A) high relative humidity (B) fertile soil (C) a succession of agricultural zones (D) extremes in air temperature (E) an arid climate 37. Based only upon the information in the passage, which of the following is a characteristic of the Central Andean cordillera that clearly distinguishes it from the Northern Andean cordillera? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) an arid climate a sparse human population wet forests a humid climate a dry season ...

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  • 5 Preparing the site The best site for a garden The best sites for a garden are located: 1 Near a water supply (well, stream, pool). In the dry season the crop needs watering. Sometimes you may have to have two gardens, one for the dry season, located near a well or by the side of a lake or pool

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  • The Mekong River system supports one of the world’s largest and most diverse inland fisheries. It includes a broad assortment of operations, ranging from solitary fishers to largescale commercial enterprises. The catch contains a high proportion of fishes whose lifecycles involve migrations between feeding and spawning grounds and dry season refuges. The preservation of the river’s fisheries, therefore, partly depends on keeping the migration routes these fish use free from obstructions and barriers that could critically disrupt their lifecycles.

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  • As a major rice exporter worldwide, the quality of rice has become a central issue for farmers in Vietnam, especially in the rainy harvest season. Therefore, it is important to dry the rice as quickly as possible to prevent damage but maintain quality. Conventional drying techniques such as flat bed dryers can take up to 8 hours (or more) to dry the moisture rice to safety. High-temperature drying can allow the rice to dry more quickly, so space and time taken to dry the rice can be shorter nhieu.Nghien agricultural science...

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  • During dry seasons when the surface water disappears and the vegetation dries up, camels have to be watered from subterranean sources such as man made water holes, old wells etc. In highly arid areas as in Eastern Africa, watering camels in dry season is a very time consuming and arduous job since water has to be lifted bucket by bucket from several metres deep wells.

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  • Water requirements of camels, although low in comparison to other livestock species, are still quite high in absolute terms. At the height of the dry season, when the ambient temperatures are high and the vegetation is dry, an adult camel needs approximately 80 to 100 litres of water every five to seven days. If the pasture consists mainly of halophytic plants and/or the available water is rich in minerals, the requirement will increase. It will also increase in lactating animals. A herd of 100 camels during the dry season might require as much as 10,000 litres of water three...

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  • Energy is important for the existence and development of humankind and is a key issue in international politics, the economy, military preparedness, and diplomacy. To reduce the impact of conventional energy sources on the environment, much attention should be paid to the development of new energy and renewable energy resources. Solar energy, which is environment friendly, is renewable and can serve as a sustainable energy source. Hence, it will certainly become an important part of the future energy structure with the increasingly drying up of the terrestrial fossil fuel.

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  • A study was carried out at the experimental animal husbandry farm in Can Tho University form October 2005 to March 2006. Water sampling was taken at the high and low tidal in the wet season and dry season. The results showed that water environment of the experimental farm is severely polluted. The average organic amount (COD), hydrogen sulfide, N-NH4+ and total Coliform were 878.9 mg/L, 32 mg/L, 70.4 mg/L and 2.78*105 MPN/100 mL respectively.

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  • This study investigates impacts of climate change on water resource in the Huong River basin in the Central Vietnam. Hydrological responses of six climate change scenarios were calculated. Results reveal that climate change would cause significant increase in rainfall in wet season resulting in an increase in river flow. By contrast, the decreasing trend of river flow in dry season is a consequence of the decline of rainfall and increase of evapotranspiration under most scenarios. Sea level rise coupled with the lowering of river stages may exacerbate salinity intrusion.

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  • The idea of producing this book resulted from several realizations for the editors in 1997. The first was an awareness that a large body of biological research from major regions of Costa Rica was available in the literature. In particular, extensive research had been carried out on the lowland Atlantic wet forest, the middle elevation cloud forest (1,400–1,800 m), and the lowland Pacific dry forest over a period of about 30 years. Further, the wet forest had just received a comprehensive biological review by McDade et al.

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  • As a country which contains significant concentrations of population in fragile mountain eco- systems, expanding arid zones, various regions which are subject to periodic flooding, increasing deforestation and environmental degradation and high levels of poverty, Bolivia is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Its damaging impact can be seen in a range of phenomena such as increasingly severe and frequent flooding and landslides and the accelerated melting of tropical glaciers.

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  • Electrification of workers' villages is strongly recommended. Water supplies from a single surface source for the whole development including the oi l palm mil l and from strategically sited groups of tube wells have been costed. An emergency system of suit- ably capped shallow wells is provided near each estate workers' village. CAMDEV has its own source of seed for improved planting material.

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  • Land clearing is expected to be done mechanically, the technique being similar to that at present used by CAMDEV for rubber. Trees are pushed over, raked into windrows and burnt. On the Boa Plain an effective burn wil l be essential to facilitate drain excavation. This may be difficul t with the heavy rainfalls and short dry season. The timing of the clearing operations wil l be important. Felling one dry season and wind- rowing and burning the next may help, as may the use of flame-throwing equipment and fans to ignite the windrowed debris properly. Some pre-clearing drainage may also...

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  • Organochlorine pesticide residue were determined in sediments collected from three estuary zones fowarding Tam Giang - Cau Hai Lagoon, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam during the dry season in 2005. A total of 10 sediment samples were collected at the river estuaries and along the lagoon.

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  • Recently, drought has occurred severely in the Central Highland of Vietnam, particularly during dry seasons of El Niño years. Towards disaster mitigation and sustainable management for drought, this study aims to clarify relationship between drought area detected in dry peak month (March) in years El Niño occurred such as 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2016 with local main climate factors and land-uses.

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  • This study provides information on the growth and body condition variation of the giant mudskipper Periophthalmodon schlosseri between gender and fish size during dry and wet seasons. A total of 367 fish specimens was collected along mudflat and mangrove forest in Tran De from May 2014 to April 2015.

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