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  • Are you a programmer or computer enthusiast? Do you feel comfortable with methods, functions, and variables? Do you wish you knew more about how the computer made it all work? Now you can. From basic electronics to advanced computer hardware, you’ll learn the magic behind the gear that makes it all run.

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  • There is need to realize the fact that the present state of the world and especially the present state ofmonetary affairs are the necessary consequences of the application of the doctrines that have got hold of the minds ofour contemporaries. The great inflations ofour age are not acts ofGod. They are man-made or, to say it bluntly, govern- ment-made. They are the off-shoots of doctrines that ascribe to governments the magic power ofcreating wealth out ofnothing and ofmaking people happy by raising the 'national income'....

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  • Theodore Samuel Williams, 18 years old and but six months out of high school, was, in the summer of 1937, deep into his first prolonged batting slump—as a professional ballplayer. Having signed with the Class AAA Pacific Coast League San Diego Padres on June 26, 1936, while still a Hoover High School senior, Ted was now in his second year in the minors, earning an impressive $150 a month in the midst of the Great Depression.

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  • X(1-11) The Last Waltz - Horror and Morality, Horror and Magic 'Yes, but how do you justify earning a living by feeding off people's worst fears?' The police have been summoned by a neighbor who has heard a commotion of some kind. What they find is a bloodbath - and something worse. The young man admits, quite calmly, that he has murdered his grandmother with a pipe, and then cut her throat. I needed her blood,' the young man tells the police calmly. I'm a vampire.

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  • Technical Blogging is the first book to specifically teach programmers, technical people, and technically-oriented entrepreneurs how to become successful bloggers. There is no magic to successful blogging; with this book you'll learn the techniques to attract and keep a large audience of loyal, regular readers and leverage this popularity to achieve your goals. Become more influential and earn extra money by blogging. Whether you want to create a popular technical blog from scratch or take your blog to the next level, this book shows you how....

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