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  • In this paper the spline approximation was applied to the empirical vertical profiles of oceanographic parameters such as temperature, salinity or density to obtain a more precise and reliable result of interpolation. Our experiments with the case of observed temperature profiles in Eastern Sea show that the cubic polynomial spline method has a higher reliability and precision in a comparison with the linear interpolation and other traditional methods. The method was realized as a subroutine in our programs for oceanographic data management and manipulation.

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  • In Eastern Sea (South China Sea), Jurassic - Cretaceous magmatic intrusives are discovered, they were cutting the Pre-Cenozoic sedimentaries. The Cenozoic volcanic basalts are strongly distributed together with Cenozoic sedimentaries. The paper concerns only the volcanic activities with description on their geology, chemistry, geochemistry, isotopic ages and their forming mechanism. In fact, the main topic of the paper is dealt with the forming mechanism of basalt in the dynamics of the opening of Eastern Sea in particular, and of South China Sea in general.

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  • This paper analyses the equilibrium level of private credit to GDP in 11 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on the basis of a number of dynamic panels containing quarterly data on CEE economies, emerging markets and developed OECD countries. In doing so, we propose a unify- ing framework which includes factors driving both the demand for and the supply of private credit.

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  • The map of Canada offers to the eye and to the imagination a vast country more than three thousand miles in width. Its eastern face presents a broken outline to the wild surges of the Atlantic. Its western coast commands from majestic heights the broad bosom of the Pacific. Along its southern boundary is a fertile country of lake and plain and woodland, loud already with the murmur of a rising industry, and in summer waving with the golden wealth of the harvest. But on its northern side Canada is set fast against the frozen seas of the Pole and the desolate region of barren rock...

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  • Eastern Sea of Vietnam is the world's largest semi-open sea and is bounded by archipelagos, islands, mainland and connected partially with Pacific and Indian Ocean. Its total water surface area is about 2,974,600km2. Vietnamese and foreign geoscientists have researched, got samples and mapped the geological map of Eastern Sea since 1960s but no guidance or right method was carried out to map, especially in presenting geological units on geological map.

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  • Coastal zone of Cuu Long estuary is a place through which Mekong River flows into the Eastern Sea with 8 estuaries. is the zone is formed under the influences in the interaction between river and sea. Geologically, coastal zone of Mekong delta is characterised by the predominat of clay and silt formations. These two factors makes the shoreline sensitive to exogenous processes such assedimentation and erosion.. This paper presents an application of satellite remote sensing technology to detect and analyze the spatial changes as well as quantify the shoreline change in Cuu Long estuary.

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  • D Dambal Island* – located near the eastern coast of the Aral, 15 km to the south of the Kokarev Cape, concealing Karatma Bay (see) to the west. A wide strait formed between Biiktau (see) and D. Islands leading to Karatma Bay. The island is low, in some places inundated with water.

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  • E Eastern (Aral) Sea – the remaining part of A.S. located to the east of the merged chain of the Vozrozhdenia (see), Lazareva (see) and Komsomolsky (see) Islands is referred to in this way in scientific literature. Ecological-geographical database of the Aral Sea basin

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  • T Taijegen Island* – located in the eastern part of A.S., 15 km to the south–east of Kuzjatepes Island. The island is low, with a flat coast surrounded by the reed thickets. Fishery activities were practiced in its northern part. Tailakjegen Islands*

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  • U Ulken-Karatyup Bay* – secondary bay in the eastern part of Sarychaganak Bay (see). It projected insignificantly eastward from the shore. The shores of the cape were high and abrupt. Ulkentumsyk Cape* – projected insignificantly eastward from the shore.

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  • The three centuries that have gone by since this was written have afforded ample confirmation of the view here set forth, as to the importance of "Battailes by Sea" and the supreme value of the "Command of the Sea." Not only "we of Europe," but our kindred in America and our allies in Far Eastern Asia have now their proudly cherished memories of decisive naval victory. I propose to tell in non-technical and popular language the story of some of the most remarkable episodes in the history of sea power.

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  • It was during the lifetime of Robert Boyle that our forefathers began to come into close contact with the races and nationalities of the outer world. When he was born in County Cork in the year 1627, small and isolated bands of Englishmen were elbowing Red Indians from the eastern sea-board of North America; before his death in London in 1691, at the age of sixty-four, he had seen these pioneer bands become united into a British fringe stretching almost without a break from Newfoundland to Florida. Neither he nor any one else in England could then have guessed...

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  • Flow cytometry in our studies contributes to better understanding of prokaryotic roles in the Adriatic Sea as a separate ecosystem and as an important part of the Mediterranean Sea. Studies of prokaryotic community by flow cytometry in the eastern part of Adriatic Sea started in year 2003. The first studies were carried out for purposes of comparing two direct counting methods for bacterioplankton (Šantić et al., 2007). The accuracy of epifluorescence microscopy (EM) was assessed against direct counts made by flow cytometry (FCM).

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  • The Red River Delta (hereafter as RRD) is one of the two biggest deltas in Vietnam with the population is 19,625 million persons in 2009. It is also the most populous area with the population density of 932 person/km2 in 2009 (General Statistics Office, 2010). Tien Hai District of Thai Binh Province locates in the eastern part of the RRD, lies in the coastal zone - a sensitive area and affected by the interaction between the mainland and the South China Sea (in Vietnamese as Biển Đông - East Sea). The study area of this research is Van Truong...

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  • The olive is one of the most ancient cultivated fruit trees. Olive cultivation has a very long history which started from the Third Millennium BC (Loukas & Krimbas, 1983) in the Eastern region of the Mediterranean sea and spread later around the basin following land and maritime routes to Italy, Spain, North Africa and France. Nowadays there are about 805 million of olive trees, 98% of which are grown in the Mediterranean countries (Tsitsipis et al., 2009). The foremost consuming countries are also the main olive oil producers.

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  • Coastal Ecosystems. Africa has three coastlines—along the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the east. These shores consist of stretches of sand, soil, or rock. In general, plants and animals on Africa’s western coast are less varied and numerous than on the eastern coast. The coastal environments of Africa include coral reef, lagoon, mangrove, salt marsh, and seagrass ecosystems.

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  • Quirra is a small village located in the south-eastern part of the Italian Sardinia Island (Sardegna), in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. It is close to the sea shores (Capo San Lorenzo), and surrounded by other small villages like Perdasdefogu and Escalaplano. In that area, it is located the biggest military polygon of Italy and Europe, the "Poligono sperimentale di addestramento interforze del Salto Quirra" (“Salto di Quirra Polygon” and firing range).

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  • IF you look at a Map of the World, you will see, in the left-hand upper corner of the Eastern Hemisphere, two Islands lying in the sea. They are England and Scotland, and Ireland. England and Scotland form the greater part of these Islands. Ireland is the next in size. The little neighbouring islands, which are so small upon the Map as to be mere dots, are chiefly little bits of Scotland, - broken off, I dare say, in the course of a great length of time, by the power of the restless water.

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  • The readers of this monograph are familiar with the geographic location of the Philippine Archipelago. However, to have the facts clearly in mind, it will be stated that the group lies entirely within the north torrid zone, extending from 4[degree] 40' northward to 21[degree] 3' and from 116[degree] 40' to 126[degree] 34' east longitude. It is thus about 1,000 miles from north to south and 550 miles from east to west. The Pacific Ocean washes its eastern shores, the Sea of Celebes its southern, and the China Sea its western and northern shores.

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  • About four hundred years ago there was a small kingdom, spreading over the cliffs and ravines of the eastern extremity of the Pyrenees, called Navarre. Its population, of about five hundred thousand, consisted of a very simple, frugal, and industrious people. Those who lived upon the shore washed by the stormy waves of the Bay of Biscay gratified their love of excitement and of adventure by braving the perils of the sea.

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