Ecological reserves

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  • Even though human-induced species extinction presently seems to rank low on peoples’ attention scale compared to other political and societal topics, this does not mean that its significance in earth history or its ecological consequences have diminished in any way. It must repeatedly be made clear that if current trends continue, within the next one hundred years half of all our planet’s species will most likely have become extinct.

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  • In the spirit of place, Steve Apfelbaum and his partner, Susan Lehnhardt, have found a unique spiritual connection through their love of the land. To be “rooted in the land” involves actively participating in a known landscape. Steve and Susan have worked directly on the land, connecting both with it and with each other as members of a community of interdependent parts —soils, waters, plants, and animals.

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  • Mangroves play an important role in coastal zones in many aspects e.g. extremely essential habitats for many species, coastlines protection from natural hazards, and so on. However, in Vietnam, like in other developing countries, these mangrove areas have been destroyed and encroached as a consequence of a poorly planned economic development. The study has been conducted in Phu Long - Gia Luan region, which have the largest mangrove area in the Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, Hai Phong City, Vietnam. The aims of the study are to investigate existing land...

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  • P a r t Tw o THE SCIENCE OF ECOLOGY In his essay “Must We Shoot Deer to Save Nature?” conservation biologist Jared Diamond poses a difficult but common dilemma by relating the story of Fontenelle Forest, a 1,300-acre nature reserve near Omaha, Nebraska.

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  • President Thabo Mbeki claims that he asked for Madlala- Routledge’s resignation because she travelled to an AIDS vaccine conference in Spain earlier in the year without receiving the required permission to make the trip. But no one believes this petty transgression to be the real issue. The fact of the matter is that Madlala- Routledge’s direct and honest approach to AIDS and other health challenges had placed her on a direct collision course with both Mbeki and his health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang....

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