Economic elite

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  • ... the greater part of human actions have their origin not in logical reasoning but in sentiment. This is particularly true for actions that are not motivated economically... . Man, although impelled to act by nonlogical motives, likes to tie his actions logically to certain principles; he therefore invents these a posteriori in order to justify his actions. –Vilfredo Pareto, “The rise and fall of the elites”(1968, p. 27)

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  • How can local, national, and international governments be made answerable to the people they govern instead of just the power elites? When major polluters of the atmosphere use political muscle to escape environmental controls, what can be done by the people who have to breathe the polluted air? When municipal sewage dumping or industrial waste fouls water that is vital to human health, how can people protect .

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  • The countries in which you are serving most likely inherited educational systems from Britain or France. The original goal of these systems was to provide education to the children of the local elites and to supply the colonial administrations and trading companies with clerical staff. Remarkable progress has been made since the former colonies achieved independence. Educational opportunities have been expanded at all levels as national leaders put a priory on productivity and economic growth.

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  • Social science, policy and popular discourse around counterfeiting regularly position consumers of counterfeit goods as part of a technological elite or motivated by anti- capitalist or anti-corporate positions. In order to explore this construction and highlight its associated limitations, this paper presents quantitative data collected through postal and web-based questionnaires looking at the frequency, location and motivations for the purchase of counterfeit leisure items for consumers in the United Kingdom.

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