Economic expansion

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  • Chapter 2 - The role of money in the macroeconomy. In this chapter you will learn to understand the role of money in an economy, comprehend the different measurements of money used in the United States, see how the money supply drives inflation and economic expansion.

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  • Natural Resources and Economic Development explores a key para- dox: why is natural resource exploitation not yielding greater benefits to the poor economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America? Part One examines this paradox both through a historical review of resource use and development and through examining current theories that explain the under-performance of today’s resource-abundant economies, and proposes a frontier expansion hypothesis as an alter- native explanation.

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  • When the United States sneezes, an economists’ proverb says, the rest of the world catches a cold. Between 1995 and 2005, the United States accounted directly for one-third of global economic expansion, according to the nonprofit Council on Competitiveness. Between 1983 and 2004, soaring U.S. imports added nearly 20 percent of the increase of the world’s exports.

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  • Today's absolute imperative is to tackle the economic crisis and put the EU back on the road to sustainable growth. This is the number one task for this generation of Europeans. It calls for a Europe able to compete in the global economy, reshaped to seize the opportunities of the future. It requires the stable macroeconomic environment which true economic and monetary union can bring. It needs a step change in the economy, to release the many strengths Europe can bring to bear in tomorrow's economy of high innovation and high skills.

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  • Global GDP growth has lost steam in the course of 2012, and leading indicators point to further weakness in the remainder of this year. Among the largest non-EU advanced economies, Japan's post-disaster recovery is pausing, while in the US growth appears to be gradually firming after a protracted period of subdued performance. However, the uncertainty related to the path of US fiscal policy over the coming months remains high. At the same time, many emerging market economies have recently been moving towards a more moderate rate of economic expansion, which in part reflects...

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  • When there are frictions in setting nominal wages, however, a riseintherealwagerequiresthatinflationbeallowedtodriftdown.Theinflation targeting central bank, seeing this drift down in inflation, cuts the interest rate to keep inflation on target. In our model, this cut in the interest rate triggers a credit boom and makes the economic expansion much bigger than is socially optimal. In a situation like this, a central bank that ‘leans against the wind’ when credit expands sharply would raise welfare by reducing the magnitude of the boom-bust cycle....

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  • Although some older companies, including IBM and Hewlett-Packard, played central parts in the emerging IT industries, no one imagines that these industries could have taken off as profusely as they did just from the existing corporate base. The ongoing series of new growth companies provided the highly adaptive economic infrastructure required. The question we now face is how to re-kindle economic expansion and job creation. With the rise of China, India, and other countries, innovation is becoming more globalized than ever.

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  • Lecture Health economics - Chapter 15: Medicaid. This chapter presents the following content: Coverage and financing, current challenges, medicaid financing, state variations, medicaid & the nursing home market, was the expansion worth it?

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  • Upon completion of this chapter you should understand: Calculating linear breakeven points; calculating nonlinear breakeven points; effect of changes in costs and revenue; strategies associated with capacity limits, expansion and profits; isocosts and breakeven between products;...

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  • Chapter 32 - Money creation. In this chapter, you will learn to: “Fractional Reserve” system, actual reserves vs. required reserves, how banks create money through granting loans, multiple expansion of loans and money by the banking system, the monetary multiplier.

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  • This chapter identify the four phases of the business cycle; explain the primary characteristics of recessions and expansions; define potential output, measure the output gap, and analyze an economy's position in the business cycle; define the natural rate of unemployment and relate it to cyclical unemployment; apply okun's law to analyze the relationship between the output gap and cyclical unemployment; discuss the differences between how the economy operates in the short run and the long run.

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  • In this chapter students will be able to: Apply economic principles to issues of sports; conclude that despite the obvious attempts of cities to acquire sports franchises through league expansion and by other means, no economic evidence suggests that having a franchise enhances a city’s economic stature; analyze how owners decide when negotiating with players, whether they wish to make more money or win championships, since it is clear that teams in small markets cannot do both;...

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  • Chapter 19 - Public goods and common resources. In this chapter you will learn: What the difference is between rival and excludable goods and services? What the free-rider problem is and what its consequences are? What the tragedy of the commons is and what its consequences are? How and when social norms, government regulation, and expansion of property rights can be used to solve problems with public goods or common resources?

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  • Chapter 14 - The federal reserve and monetary policy. This chapter presents the following content: The organization of the Federal Reserve System, reserve requirements, the deposit expansion multiplier, the tools of monetary policy, the feds effectiveness in fighting inflation and recession, the banking act of 1980.

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  • Chapter 8 - Trade policy: Past, present and future. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Use historical examples to illustrate how economic, social, and political factors determine trade policies; relate historical trends in trade policies to changes in economic, social, and political factors; show that there is no clear historical trend towards free trade; periods of free trade have been followed by periods of restricted trade, and vice versa;...

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the basics of a bank's balance sheet and discuss why the U.S. banking system is called a "fractional reserve" system; explain the distinction between a bank's actual reserves and its required reserves; describe how a bank can create money; describe the multiple expansion of loans and money by the entire banking system; define the money multiplier, explain how to calculate it, and demonstrate its relevance.

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  • The work of the railroad pioneers in America became the basis for a great surge of railroad building halfway through the nineteenth century that linked the nation together as never before. Railroads eventually became the nation’s number one transportation system, and remained so until the construction of the interstate highway system halfway through the twentieth century. They were of crucial importance in stimulating economic expansion, but their ...

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  • The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Parties" and individually as "Party"), Desiring to establish and develop mutually beneficial and equitable economic and trade relations on the basis of mutual respect for their respective independence and sovereignty; Acknowledging that the adoption of and compliance with international trade norms and standards by the Parties will aid the development of mutually beneficial trade relations, and should be the underlying basis of those relations...

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  • My hometown is Son Duong the district of Tuyen Quang province. If is 60kmsfrom my home to Hanoi.There are a big change about the face of my city since the growth of economic was pushed up in 1998, such us, many big houses are risen up, the roads are opened widely, and people become richer or some thing like that. Especially, there are two major effects of economic growth, that are the urban expansion, and the improvement of living standard.

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  • The U.S. economic expansion is now in its tenth year, showing no signs of slowing down. The rate of labor productivity growth has doubled in recent years, instead of falling as the expansion matured as in previous postwar expansions. Moreover, core inflation remains low despite record employment and the lowest jobless rates in a generation. Our sustained economic strength with low inflation suggests that the U.S.

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