Economic stagnation

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  • It is not always evident why economic growth takes root in one area over another. Even within a single region, some communities may outpace their neighbors in securing the economic growth that leads to an enhanced quality of life. Although some commonalities in these situations may be identifiable, many communities possess similar assets and implement apparently similar economic development plans, yet have experiences that are vastly different—perhaps even diametrically opposed.

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  • In Europe, economic sentiment resumed its decline, dropping significantly in the summer months. After stagnation in the first quarter of 2012, the EU and euro-area economies contracted in the second quarter reflecting a decrease in domestic demand and lower net export growth. Unemployment increased further, in particular in the countries that were hardest hit by the sovereign- debt crisis. Available hard data and leading indicators point to a weak second half of the year. For 2012 as a whole, GDP is now expected to contract by ¼% in the EU and almost ½% in the euro area. ...

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  • Domestic demand has made negative contributions to GDP growth for more than a year and is likely to do so also in the second half of 2012 and well into the first half of 2013. This leaves net exports, which are set to benefit from a gradual recovery of global demand, as the only positive contributor to GDP growth in the EU for some more quarters to come. Private consumption, by far the largest component of domestic demand, is expected to stagnate in the EU and to decrease in the euro area in 2013, as real...

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  • Among the largest Member States outside the euro area, the United Kingdom is expected to see an improvement in disposable incomes and financing conditions, which should allow a gradual return of domestic demand growth in 2013 and an acceleration in 2014. For Poland, a deceleration from previous growth rates is projected as external headwinds and the stagnation in the labour market take their toll. The adjustment of the remaining imbalances is subject to a number of challenging interdependencies such as the feedback loop between banks and sovereigns, the impact on domestic...

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  • Without net new jobs, however, the process is short-circuited. The painful results are most evident today in some European countries and in developing countries where an initial burst of technical-industrial growth has stagnated. In these situations, high unemployment has become so chronic that even many graduates of universities and technical schools cannot get a foothold in the workplace. The chance for these young people to develop their skills and contribute their ideas is deferred and, in many cases, lost.

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  • At every moment of every day there is a crash event, affecting everything: transportation, economics, politics, computing, bodies, brains, cups and plates, birds, agriculture, chemistry, health, banking, manufacturing and so on, without end. Despite being insured, insulated by method, knowledge, prediction, risk analysis and technology against accidents, we are nevertheless permanently avoiding them. Every crash is followed by calls for legislation: ‘it must never happen again’ – and yet it always does.

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  • From 2005 through the first half of 2007, construction was one of the most important growth sectors in the Turkish economy. Private con- struction projects and public investments supported this growth. But, by the end of 2007, construction activity stagnated. Rising prices of commodities, including iron, copper, steel and cement have con- tributed to increased construction costs.

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  • Titan Chains Making a No Fee Home Assembly Career a Possibility for Sincere and Dedicated Home Workers As the economy continues to stagnate there is a resounding theme within the search engines which reveal a glimpse of what scores of people are seeking to find in order to receive relief from recession hardships. This common desire, shared by the masses, is the quest to start a home based business that will bring relief from the economic storm which is raining down upon society.

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