Economic trajectories

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  • Second, we examine a much more comprehensive set of family forms and dynamics than prior studies have examined. Specifically, we compare the economic trajectories of three types of stable families – stably married, stably cohabiting and stably single; we also examine how transitions into and out of each of these statuses are associated with short-term changes in economic status.

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  • Technology aided by matching policy and institutional support propelled the productivity- led growth in crop, animal, fish and horticulture production in India during the post-independence period. Agricultural growth trend achieved until now outpaced population growth and ensured food self-sufficiency. The Green, White, Blue and Yellow revolutions bear testimony to the success of the strategies pursued in the past. For accelerating income growth, alleviating poverty and enhancing nutrition security, agriculture sector has to move on to a higher growth trajectory in the coming decades.

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  • The concept that early life experience determines health in later life is not new. After an investigation of the poor health of children in Aberdeen and Scotland, Leslie Mackenzie told the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1905: “One truth we have already realized – if we would fit the man for his environment, we must begin with the child. ‘The child is the father of the man.’” (see Harris, 2001).

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  • Significant and sustained increases in semiconductor productivity, predicted by Moore’s Law, has ushered a revolution in communications, computing, and information management.1 This technological revolution is linked to a distinct rise in the mid 1990s of the long-term growth trajectory of the United States.2 Indeed, U.S. productivity growth has accelerated in recent years, despite a series of negative economic shocks.

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  • Both the government and the private sector have recognised the invaluable role that information and communication technology (ICT) plays in responding to national socio-economic imperatives. The importance of ICT skills to the economic, social and political trajectory in a

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  • The paper concludes that governments have a role to play in ensuring that attractive opportunities and instruments are available to pension funds and institutional investors in order to be able to tap into this source of capital. Furthermore, economic transformation and green growth opportunities can be constrained or enabled by the existing infrastructure of an economy. Thus, shifting to a new, greener growth trajectory requires special attention to network infrastructure such as electricity, transport, water and communications networks.

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  • Investing in child health is an investment upstream. Quite simply, health in infancy and the early years contributes to healthy children and youth, and healthy children and youth contribute to health throughout the lifespan. Indeed, “the early development of cognitive skills, emotional well-being, social competence and sound physical and mental health builds a strong foundation for success well into the adult years…these abilities are critical prerequisites for economic productivity and responsible citizenship throughout life.

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