Ectopic rhythms

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  • The past thirty years have witnessed the birth, growth, and evolution of clinical electrophysiology from a field whose initial goals were the understanding of arrhythmia mechanisms to one of significant therapeutic impact. The development and refinement of implantable devices and catheter ablation have made non-pharmacologic therapy a treatment of choice for most arrhythmias encountered in clinical practice.

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  • The historical route to present-day patch clamping started with the scientific recognition that electrical phenomena are part of animal physiology. This bioelectricity was demonstrated in the nineteenth century in frogs, where muscle movements could be evoked by applying electrical stimuli to the animal. The recording of inherent electrical activity can be charted by the development of increasingly sophisticated electrodes.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "ECG workbook" presents the following contents: Recording a readable electrocardiogram (ECG), the electrical conducting system of the heart, a systematic approach to rhythm strip analysis, heart blocks, common arrhythmias, ectopics and extrasystoles, the 12 lead ECG.

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