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  • The analysis reveals distinct patterns of recurriculation, ranging from bureaucratic compliance to creating academic coherence between contrasting legacies. What becomes clear is the need for teacher education academics to grasp the challenges and opportunities to assert their power over shaping curriculum processes that will produce competent, confident teachers.

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  • Since many decades Education Science and Technology has an achieved tremendous recognition and has been applied to variety of disciplines, mainly Curriculum development, methodology to develop e-learning systems and education management. Many efforts have been taken to improve knowledge of students, researchers, educationists in the field of computer science and engineering.

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  • Education has become the number one demanded commodity for social and economic transformation for both developing and developed economies. Thus the number of persons going and returning to school has become too big to be handled by existing brick and mortar learning institutions. Besides, the majority of lifelong learners do not have the time to become full-time students. Distance education is becoming the solution to the aforementioned challenges. It has been defined as the mode of study where the learner is separated in time and space from the institution and tutors providing the tuition....

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  • This volume is intended to develop and share knowledge regarding the challenges faced by vocational education and training (VET) systems within the southern African region and the responses to these challenges. It examines the complexities through a unique comparative study of seven countries in southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland.

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  • It seems like teaching about games should be easy. After all, students enjoy engaging with course content and have extensive experience with videogames. However, games education can be surprisingly complex. This book explores ludoliteracy, or the question of what it means to understand games, by looking at the challenges and

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  • Publisher: RANDPublished Time: RANDPages: 100Countries in the Arab region are faced with the challenge of developing their populations’ skills and technical knowledge, or human capital, in order to compete in the 21st century global economy. The authors describe the education and labor market initiatives implemented or under way in four countries in the Arab region ......

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  • “The class focuses on the likely roles that business professionals will have in regard to information systems: end-user, manager, and innovator,” said CIS Department Chairman Dr. Richard Mathieu. “In order to accomplish these goals, the hands-on component of the class focuses on collaboration and workl ow.” After gaining admittance to the College of Business, a CIS stu- dent’s junior campaign begins with a 12-credit integrated course in which students create a business plan.

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  • Governments are often ill-prepared to reap the benefits of cross-border tertiary education, as well as to assure education quality. In 2002, in Constructing Knowledge Societies: New Challenges for Tertiary Education, the World Bank analysed how tertiary education contributes to building up a country’s capacity for participation in an increasingly knowledge-based world economy

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  • Ebook Knowledge management and challenges in education in Education is compiled with the content: In defense of eclecticism and knowledge management editors, knowledge management challenges in curriculum design amid knowledge explosion sharaf rehman, iercing the armor of indifference a battle fought in a lassroom, lyon rathbun,...

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  • Case studies and reviews of progress since the 1992 Earth Summit A window on the scope of responses to environmental issues in Africa Insight into contextual realities in Southern Africa and beyond (contributions from Angola, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda) Illumination of the complex challenges we face- practical, political, epistemological- as we attempt to engage one of the biggest social transformations of our time Application of social theory that reveals the need for re-thinking assumptions about the advancement and horizons of this change called, for the t...

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  • Teachers with elementary school credentials had slightly better success in the classroom than did teachers with secondary school credentials. (JEL: J44, J45, H0, H75, I21) (Keywords: Teacher quality, teacher licensure, student achievement, middle school, twolevel fixed effects, education production function)  

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  • Decades of research show that high school dropouts are more likely than graduates to commit crimes, abuse drugs and alcohol, have children out of wedlock, earn low wages, be unemployed, and suffer from poor health. The ChalleNGe program, currently operating in 27 states, is a residential program

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  • The World Health Organization reported that regardless of promises of better healthcare by governments and donor countries, millions of mothers, newborn babies and children continue to die each year in Africa from preventable diseases. The WHO further observed that some of the continent's biggest problems are getting worse and the rates of death during childbirth and among young children are increasing (WHO, 2006). The Asian countries are no exception. Most of them are also facing a number of health education challenges like Africa. Bandara (2005, p.

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  • This study focuses on how teachers are being prepared through the Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at three different universities. Documentary and oral sources, a small survey, focus groups and interviews, provide the basis for an analysis of the context and history of each institution: the profile of staff and students in teacher-education courses; and the ways in which issues of diversity are addressed. A well-grounded set of recommendations provides direction for the road ahead.

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  • State and district policymakers, as well as other organizations, such as foundations and nonprofits, are emphasizing efforts targeting school leadership as a way to improve student outcomes. Given the focus on accountability in education, policymakers and funders are interested in evaluating whether

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  • This renovation process is currently facing many difficulties and challenges, the most critical of which concerns financial security in the context of a relatively weak economy.

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  • Teacher Education and Institutional Change in South Africa investigates the specific experiences of institutional change in eleven diverse university contexts and explores the complex, multiple impacts of these experiences on the conditions for initial teacher education. Ultimately, the study highlights the challenges that lie ahead if the system is to produce the right number and right kind of teachers for South Africa.

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  • The U.S. military is far better trained, better educated, more competent, and more professional than any current or potential rival, which provides an asymmetric advantage in military operations. To maximize this advantage, military and civilian leaders in the Department of Defense (DoD) are examining new policies that would generate higher returns on

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  • Education Finance and Policy (forthcoming) School contextual effects raise concerns about the value-added modeling proposed for evaluating teacher preparation programs. The authors explore challenges involved in evaluating teacher preparation programs when controlling for school contextual bias.

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  • This paper, however, aims to challenge this common criticism. It summarises the research outcomes of a doctoral thesis on the topic of “enhancing graduate employability in Vietnam” and suggests that shifting the responsibility for graduate unemployment onto the higher education system in Vietnam is convenient but simplistic.

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