Eigrp design

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  • Offers hierarchy—each layer has specific role • Modular topology—building blocks • Easy to grow, understand, and troubleshoot • Creates small fault domains—clear demarcations and isolation • Promotes load balancing and redundancy • Promotes deterministic traffic patterns • Incorporates balance of both Layer 2 and Layer 3 technology, leveraging the strength of both • Can be applied to all campus designs; multilayer L2/L3 and routed access designs

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  • Objectives: Describe the basic features of EIGRP. Scenario: EIGRP was introduced as a Distance-Vector routing protocol in 1992. It was originally designed to work as a proprietary protocol on Cisco devices only.

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  • In this Capstone Project activity, you will demonstrate your ability to: Design, configure, verify, and secure EIGRP, IPv4 or IPv6 on a network; Design a VLSM addressing scheme for the devices connected to the LANs; Present your design using network documentation from your Capstone Project network.

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  • This document provides design guidance for implementing a routed (Layer 3 switched) access layer using EIGRP or OSPF as the campus routing protocol. It is an accompaniment to the hierarchical campus design guides, Designing a Campus Network for High Availability and High Availability Campus Recovery Analysis, and includes the following sections

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Describe the features and operation of static routing Describe the features and operation of dynamic routing protocols, including RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF Build a functional router configuration to support the specified network operational requirements, given a network design Use show commands to identify anomalies in routing operation, given an operational router Use debug commands to identify events and anomalies in routing operation, given an operational router...

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