Electrical apparatus

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  • An electric drive is the electromechanical system that converts electrical energy to mechanical motion. Being a part of automatic equipment, it acts together with the driven object, such as a machine tool, metallurgical, chemical, or flying apparatus, domestic or medical device. Electric drives area includes applications in computers and peripherals, motor starters, transportation (electric and hybrid electric vehicles, subway, etc.

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  • Điều này một phần của IEC 60079 quy định cụ thể các yêu cầu chung để thử nghiệm, xây dựng và đánh dấu thiết bị điện và các thành phần Ex được sử dụng trong khí bùng nổ bầu khí quyển. Trừ khi được sửa đổi bởi một trong những phần trong loạt IEC 60079, điện máy tuân thủ với tiêu chuẩn này được dự định để sử dụng trong khu vực nguy hiểm, trong đó bầu khí quyển khí nổ,

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  • This part of IEC 60079 contains specific requirements for the construction and testing of electrical apparatus with the type of protection flameproof enclosure “d”, intended for use in explosive gas atmospheres.

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  • Electric charge and a measure for the quantity of charge Any household electrical appliance – be it a light bulb, a motor, or a television set – has two contacts which have to be plugged in to get the device to operate. This common characteristic, that an electrical apparatus must have two wires connecting it to a source of electricity, gave the rise in the eighteenth century to the idea that when an electrical device is working, something is moving through it. That something is called electric charge. When you pull out a plug, turn off a switch, or disconnect...

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  • I. The Einstein See-Saw Tony Costello leaned glumly over his neat, glass-topped desk, on which a few papers lay arranged in orderly piles. Tony was very blue and discouraged. The foundations of a pleasant and profitable existence had been cut right out from under him.

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  • Power electronics is an enabling technology for all electrical and electronic apparatus requiring electric power to drive. Over the past twenty years, the power electronics industry has grown tremendously. Its growth is a result from increasing demand of reliable, efficient, compact and cost effective power supplies for telecommunication, computer, and motor drive industries as well as for medical equipments and military use.

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