Electrochemical efficiency

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  • The problems created for small business owners by the current rise in energy costs are two-fold. First, energy costs have increased rapidly over the last two years and even more so in the last six months. Small business owners are not able to adjust the price of their goods and services quickly enough to match the steep energy cost increases without hurting their customer base. Second, owners are not able to change business practices fast enough to offset the increases.

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  • DWTs are constantly used to solve and treat more and more advanced problems. The DWT algorithms were initially based on the compactly supported conjugate quadrature filters (CQFs). However, a drawback in CQFs is due to the nonlinear phase effects such as spatial dislocations in multi-scale analysis. This is avoided in biorthogonal discrete wavelet transform (BDWT) algorithms, where the scaling and wavelet filters are symmetric and linear phase. The biorthogonal filters are usually constructed by a ladder-type network called lifting scheme.

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  • Academic library directors can have a positive and profound impact on the future of academic print collections by adopting and implementing a deliberate strategy to build and sustain regional print service centers that can meet aggregate demand with aggregate supply. Beyond the obvious operational efficiencies of consolidating low-use, digitized print volumes into shared service collections there is an important strategic advantage to reconfiguring collective inventory that is increasingly devalued as an institutional asset.

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  • The United States has been in the process of destroying its chemical munitions for well over a decade. Initially, the U.S. Army, guided by recommendations from the National Research Council (NRC), decided to use incineration as its destruction method at all sites. However, citizens in some states with stockpile storage sites oppose incineration on the grounds that the exact nature of the effluents escaping from the stacks cannot be determined.

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  • The first-order effects of relaxed bank entry restrictions have been favorable, both within the U.S. and across countries. Internationally, the benefits of foreign entry seem to depend on the level of development, but at least for developing nations entrants are more efficient than incumbent banks and the stiffer competition seems to improve overall bank efficiency. In contrast to these first-order effects, the stability implications of increased entry are less obvious.

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  • For a millennium, universities have been considered the main societal hub for knowledge and learning.1 And for a millennium, the basic structures of how universities produce and disseminate knowledge and evaluate students have survived intact through the sweeping societal changes created by technology—the moveable-type printing press, the Industrial Revolution, the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and computers.

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  • Corrosion inhibition of organic clay nanofil5 in NaCl 0.1 M solution was studied by polarization curves and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The clay concentrations studied were between 1 g/l and 5 g/l. The clay nanofil5 plays both anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibition. The corrosion inhibition of clay nanofil5 depends on the concentration. The results obtained by two methods were in good agreement and showed that the highest inhibition efficiency was obtained with the nanofil5 concentration of 3 g/l.

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  • Inhibition ability of mild steel corrosion of 4 amides (RCONH2 (marked as A4), RCONH– CH2–CH2OH (marked as A5), RCON(CH2–CH2OH)2 (marked as 6b) and RCONH–(CH2)2–NH– COR (marked as 7c) prepared as derivatives from aliphatic acid oxidatively synthesized from nparaffin of Vietnam crude oil, has been examined by electrochemical methods. The corrosion test has been performed in chloride 3% solution at room temperature. The inhibition efficiency has been evaluated through corrosion potential Ecor, corrosion current icor and some other corrosion parameters.

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