Electromagnetic response

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  • In recent years a number of OECD countries experienced a rapid increase in housing market activity, which coincided with a period of low real and nominal interest rates. The link between the two is intuitive: low interest rates make credit cheaper and increase the demand for housing. Some scholars argue that expansionary monetary policy has been signicantly responsible for this low level of interest rates and the subsequent house price boom (Hume and Sentance (2009) and Taylor (2009)).

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  • The lung has a unique vascular structure and function; it has low pressure, low resistance circulation with a highly compliant system which accommodates the same amount of flow as the systemic circulation. In addition, pulmonary and systemic vasculatures have divergent responses to various stimuli. For example, pulmonary arteries constrict in the setting of hypoxia, while systemic circulation dilates. This is due to distinctive developmental characteristics, anatomic and histological structure, as well as physiological properties.

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  • Rapid response to emergencies includes the immediate shipment of supplies and equipment to help meet the minimum requirements in a crisis, such as enabling pregnant women to deliver in a clean environment. When the situation stabilizes, UNFPA provides support for the full range of reproductive health services. These services address the life-and-death complications of pregnancy and delivery, the transmission of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, violence against women, and access to condoms and other contraceptives.

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  • This article argues that the crisis of 2007–2008 happened because of an explosive combination of agency problems, moral hazard, and “scientism”—the illusion that ostensibly scientific techniques would manage risks and predict rare events in spite of the stark empirical and theoretical realities that suggested otherwise. The authors analyze the varied behaviors, ideas and effects that in combination created a financial meltdown, and discuss the players responsible for the consequences.

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  • In many respects, the science of materials has only fully utilized two of its three fundamental tools —the variables of temperature and chemical composition. Pressure, the third fundamental variable altering materials, is in many ways the most remarkable, as it spans some 60 orders of magnitude in the universe.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'proceedings of the international school of physics "enrico fermi"_1', khoa học tự nhiên phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • That idea gets a firm nod from therapist Lisa Lieberman. “It’s important not to parentify kids,” she says. They may learn more responsibility, but they need permission to be kids, have friends and be normal in that respect. “They are not there to be in charge of everything. They need to have some of the carefree spirit of being a kid.” There is a fine line between developing an appropriate sense of responsibility — not pretending that things aren’t any different — and putting too much onto their shoulders.

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  • The majority, 160 (59.0%) of the subjects had been working in their units for more than two years while 64 (23.6%) had not spent up to one year in their various units. Most 254 (93.7%) reported negative history of chronic cough while a higher percentage 257 (94.8%) denied any history of smoking. In relation to alcohol consumption, 44 (16.2%) gave history of alcohol intake, the majority 208 (76.8%) gave a negative history while 19 (7.0%) did not give any definite answer. Eleven (4.1%) subjects agreed to recently have contact with patients with chronic cough, 178 (65.

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  • Interference The superposition principle for electromagnetic waves implies that, for example, two overlapping fields u1 and u2 add to give u1 + u2 . This is the basis for interference. Because of the slow response of practical detectors, interference phenomena are also a matter of averaging over time and space. Therefore the concept of coherence is intimately related to interference. In this chapter we will investigate both topics. A high degree of coherence is obtained from lasers, which therefore have been widely used as light sources in interferometry.

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  • The extent to which an organic molecule absorbs electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet region (UV light) depends on the structure of the molecule. Generally, molecules that contain one single double bond absorb weakly in the UV region. However, if multiple double bonds are present in a molecule and they are conjugated, the molecule absorbs more strongly and the absorbance is shifted to longer wavelengths. The pH of the mobile-phase effects the ionization of ionogenic solutes and also the analyte UV response.

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  • Dyadic Green’s Functions in Spheroidal Systems 3.1 DYADIC GREEN’S FUNCTIONS To analyze the electromagnetic radiation from an arbitrary current distribution located in a layered inhomogeneous medium, the dyadic Green’s function (DGF) technique is usually adopted. If the geometry involved in the radiation problem is spheroidal, the representation of dyadic Green’s functions under the spheroidal coordinates system should be most convenient.

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  • Chirality is a phenomenon that is manifested throughout the natural world, ranging from fundamental particles through the realm of molecules and biological organisms to spiral galaxies. Thus, chirality is of interest to physicists, chemists, biologists, and astronomers. Chiroptical spectroscopy utilizes the differential response of chiral objects to circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation. Applications of chiroptical spectroscopy are widespread in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and physics. It is indispensable for stereochemical elucidation of organic and inorganic molecules.

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  • Clinical neurophysiology is an area of medical practice focused primarily on measuring function in the central and peripheral nervous systems, the autonomic nervous system, and muscles. The specialty identifies and characterizes diseases of these areas, understands their pathophysiology, and, to a limited extent, treats them. Clinical neurophysiology relies entirely on the measurement of ongoing function—either spontaneous or in response to a defined stimulus—in a patient.

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