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  • Management of land is one of the very important tasks and a challenge for governments at all levels. In order to do a good land management work, many different instruments are needed, including maps. Presently, cadastral, land use and land use planning maps provide necessary land information for different users. These information need to be uploaded on the Internet to facilitate their access and use.

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  • This book is a review and analysis of the literature and presenta- tion of data from a series of surveys that attempts to provide in- sights into how engineers communicate. Much of the focus of the book is on the professional aspects of engineers’ work, the infor- mation resources used to perform their work, and information output from their work that is communicated to others. Many of our studies and those of others dealt with traditional interperson- al and written communication channels....

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  • This book covers some of the most important current research related to biological engineering. It is partly a textbook and partly a monograph. It is a textbook because it gives a detailed introduction to biological engineering techniques and applications. It is simultaneously a monograph because it presents and brings together several new results, concepts and further developments. Furthermore, the research results previously scattered throughout many scientific journals and conference papers worldwide, are methodically collected and presented in the book in a unified form....

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  • The goal of The Daily Trading Coach is to teach you as much as possible about coaching, so that you can mentor yourself to success in the financial markets. The key word in the title is “Daily.” This book is designed to be a resource that you can use every day to build upon strengths and overcome weaknesses. After writing two books—The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance—and penning more than 1,800 posts for the Trader- Feed blog (www.traderfeed.blogspot.com/), I thought I had pretty well covered the terrain of trading psychology.

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  • Subscribers to this journal benefit from access to a fully searchable knowledge resource stretching far beyond the current volume and issue. Managerial Auditing Journal online is enhanced with a wealth of features to meet the need for fast, effortless, and instant access to the core body of knowledge. Furthermore, this user-friendly electronic library may be networked throughout the subscribing organization to maximize the use and value of the subscription. This is augmented with advanced search facilities and ‘‘choice of access’’ through a variety of alternative journal gateways....

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  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Volume 2011, Article ID 973806, 20 pages doi:10.

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  • EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 2003:9, 878–889 c 2003 Hindawi Publishing Corporation Face Detection Using a First-Order RCE Classifier Byeong Hwan Jeon Signal Processing Laboratory, School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, Korea Institute of Intelligent Systems, Mechatronics Center, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do 442-742, Korea Email: jeon@samsung.com Kyoung Mu Lee Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Hong-Ik University, Seoul 121-711, Korea Email: kmlee@wow.hongik.ac.

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  • EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 2003:10, 1016–1026 c 2003 Hindawi Publishing Corporation Model-Based Speech Signal Coding Using Optimized Temporal Decomposition for Storage and Broadcasting Applications Chandranath R. N. Athaudage ARC Special Research Center for Ultra-Broadband Information Networks (CUBIN), Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia Email: cath@ee.mu.oz.au Alan B. Bradley Institution of Engineers Australia, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051, Australia Email: abradley@ieaust.org.

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  • Natural and synthetic beryl, Al2Be3Si6O18, from various deposits and manufacturers were investigated with Raman, IR spectroscopy, Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) and Electron Microprobe Analysis (EMPA). The Raman-band at 1067-1072 cm-1 and the IR-band at 1071-1207 cm-1 have been assigned till now either to Si-O or to Be-O by different studies.

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  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Volume 2008, Article ID 286168, 10 pages doi:10.1155/2008/286168 Research Article Extension of Pairwise Broadcast Clock Synchronization for Multicluster Sensor Networks Kyoung-Lae Noh,1 Yik-Chung Wu,2 Khalid Qaraqe,3 and Bruce W. Suter4 1 Digital Solution Center, Corporate Technology Operations, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., South Korea of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 3 Texas A&M University at Qatar, P.O.

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  • In a world of growing digital empowerment, consumer-facing businesses have had to become quick studies. Frontline managers see that digital technologies offer the promise not just of more cost-effective ways of doing things but of more meaningful and valuable relationships with customers. Richer communication channels and a wealth of customer data enable a new connectedness, and there’s a powerful impetus to make the connections before a competitor—perhaps an entirely new

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  • following previously copyrighted material: Excerpts from interviews on Market Mavens videotape by Linda Price, Lawrence F. Feick, and Audrey Guskey. Reprinted by permission of the authors. Exerpts from Daniel Wegner, "Transactive Memory: A Contemporary Analysis of the Group Mind." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1991), vol. 61, no. 6. Reprinted by permission of the author. Exerpts from Donald H. Rubinstein, "Love and Suffering: Adolescent Social ization

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  • These events range from first-birthday parties to political fundraisers, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, fashion shows, product launches, conferences, graduations, and reunions, to name just a few! According to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal, it takes about 150 hours for a planner, working with her staff, to produce a major event from start to finish. You do the math. Millions of events multiplied by hundreds of hours spent planning equals many, many opportunities for those entering this field.

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  • If you are working within an existing organisation, make sure that your logo is prominent on any publicity and all printed materials to make best use of the opportunities to raise your profile and help create a cumulative effect with your event’s advertising. If your event is a standalone affair you may want to create a logo to make it recognisable at a glance. If your event has received sponsorship or grants remember to include the relevant logo/s on all promotional material. Asking local companies for sponsorship can raise their profile as well as money if...

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  • – Allows users to send electronic mail – Discussion groups, newsgroups, bulletin boards – Databases, library catalogs, and electronic journals – Software protocol for transferring files – Software protocol for transferring hypertext language files – Computer system for transferring files between computers – Document retrieval system used to search for Information – Use of keywords in databases to retrieve full text information – Sound, graphic images, video, and hypertext on single pages...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học Journal of Biology đề tài: The electronic version of this article is the complete...

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  • Bashardoust Tajali et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:1 http://www.josr-online.com/content/5/1/1 REVIEW Open Access Effects of low power laser irradiation on bone healing in animals: a meta-analysis Siamak Bashardoust Tajali1*, Joy C MacDermid1,2, Pamela Houghton1, Ruby Grewal3 Abstract Purpose: The meta-analysis was performed to identify animal research defining the effects of low power laser irradiation on biomechanical indicators of bone regeneration and the impact of dosage.

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  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Volume 2008, Article ID 289184, 11 pages doi:10.1155/2008/289184 Research Article Multirate Formulation for Mismatch Sensitivity Analysis of Analog-to-Digital Converters That Utilize Parallel ΣΔ-Modulators ¨ Anton Blad, H˚ kan Johansson, and Per Lowenborg a Division of Electronics Systems, Department of Electrical Engineering, Link¨ping University, Sweden o Correspondence should be addressed to Anton Blad, antonb@isy.liu.

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  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Volume 2008, Article ID 529879, 16 pages doi:10.1155/2008/529879 Research Article Biometric Methods for Secure Communications in Body Sensor Networks: Resource-Efficient Key Management and Signal-Level Data Scrambling Francis Minhthang Bui and Dimitrios Hatzinakos The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, 10 King’s College Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G4 Correspondence should be addressed to Dimitrios Hatzinakos, dimitris@comm.utoronto.

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  • EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 2003:12, 1167–1180 c 2003 Hindawi Publishing Corporation Spatially Adaptive Intensity Bounds for Image Restoration Kaaren L. May Snell and Wilcox Ltd., Liss Research Centre, Liss Mill, Mill Road, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 7BD, UK Email: kaaren.may@snellwilcox.com Tania Stathaki Communications and Signal Processing Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London, London SW7 2BT, UK Email: t.stathaki@ic.ac.uk Aggelos K.

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