Eleventh century

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  • I would like to confess that at eighteen I suddenly fell in love with Romanesque architecture, and the passion has stayed with me forever. Unfortunately, while the last part of this statement may be true, the first part, however romantic, is fundamentally distorted. The under- graduate art-history teachers at Columbia University initiated and nourished my interest in Romanesque architecture, and thoroughly shaped my approach to it. I must begin a book on this subject by thank- ing them.

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  • Two or three persons having at different times intimated that if I would write an autobiography they would read it, when they got leisure, I yield at last to this frenzied public demand, and herewith tender my history: Ours is a noble old house, and stretches a long way back into antiquity. The earliest ancestor the Twains have any record of was a friend of the family by the name of Higgins. This was in the eleventh century, when our people were living in Aberdeen, county of Cork, England. Why it is that our long line has ever since borne the maternal name (except when...

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  • Route.--Rhodolph's Election as Emperor of Germany.--The Bishop's Warning.--Dissatisfaction at the Result of the Election.--Advantages Accruing from the Possession of an Interesting Family.--Conquest.--Ottocar Acknowledges the Emperor; yet breaks his Oath of Allegiance.--Gathering Clouds.--Wonderful Escape.--Victory of Rhodolph.--His Reforms. In the small canton of Aargau, in Switzerland, on a rocky bluff of the Wulpelsberg, there still remains an old baronial castle, called Hapsburg, or Hawk's Castle.

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  • We live in an era in which public health is debated all around us, every day. Big questions emerge constantly: What’s the best way to deliver health care or respond to natural disaster? How will climate change affect health? What can we do to ensure clean, safe water for a planet of seven billion? Some of the puzzles that we in public health try to solve are fairly recent, such as the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Other quandaries have been around longer. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is three decades old now. Cigarettes have been identified as killers for more than half a century.

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