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  • Elo and the Pyramid – By Mark David Hatwood There was once a man, well I say a man, but to tell the truth he didn’t know who he was, or even if he was a he or a she at all. So let’s just call him Eeee. Now, the only thing that Eeee was sure about was that Eeee was moving...

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  • MAXIMUM PRINCIPLES FOR A FAMILY OF NONLOCAL BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS PAUL W. ELOE Received 21 October 2003 and in revised form 16 February 2004 We study a family of three-point nonlocal boundary value problems (BVPs) for an nthorder linear forward difference equation. In particular, we obtain a maximum principle and determine sign properties of a corresponding Green function. Of interest, we show that the methods used for two-point disconjugacy or right-disfocality results apply to this family of three-point BVPs. 1.

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  • The expert interviews served as a complement to the information from the literature review and the questionnaire, about the overview and application of financing mechanisms. In general, the interviews focused on identifying types and examples of innovative financing mechanisms.

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