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  • Nothing in the working world has undergone such a radical transformation in recent years as office work. With rapid advances in information and communication technologies, corporate structures in a state of flux and totally new forms of work emerging, today’s world of work is a world of computers and networks, workflow and data exchange. Office work has become information and communication work. But changes in the way we work also impact on other areas of our private and working lives.

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  • The pervasive presence of electronic devices and instrumentation in all aspects of engineering design and analysis is one of the manifestations of the electronic revolution that has characterized the second half of the 20th century. Every aspect of engineering practice, and even of everyday life, has been affected in some way or another by electrical and electronic devices and instruments. Computers are perhaps the most obvious manifestations of this presence.

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  • A multi-disciplinary effort was initiated at Michigan Technological University, with a support from the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Engineering Education division.

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  • The Luxicon Pro CD-ROM contains luminaire data (called a Plugin) for all Cooper Crouse-Hinds products.. After you install the DIALux program, you need to install the complete luminaire database tree for the Cooper Crouse-Hinds Plugin by clicking on the Luminaire tab and then double clicking on the Cooper Crouse-Hinds logo on the left side of your screen.. The program will then load the complete Cooper Crouse-Hinds database into your project (see Figure 1).

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  • Recently, new improvement occurred in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The aim of this disease is to re-review pulmonary embolism in the light of new developments. In this book, in addition to risk factors causing pulmonary embolus, a guide for systematic approaches to lead the risk stratification for decision making is also presented.

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  • Advances in patient management have often been closely linked to the development of critical quantitative analysis methods. Flow cytometry is such an important methodology. It can be applied to individual cells or organelles allowing investigators interested in obtaining information about the functional properties of cells to assess the differences among cells in a heterogeneous cell preparation or between cells from separate samples.

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  • There are likely several reasons for the long-termluminance decrease. First, analog film and its digital successor have increased their dynamic range, allowing for darker darks in a given image. Second, and also due to filmstock, studio-era films needed to be shot under very bright lights, whereas for contemporary films that is no longer necessary (Salt 2009).

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  • While this and the other Workman montages ultimately elude any causally or narratively-based rhetorical analysis as persuasive marketing devices, their very anti- causality within a broadly thematic framework is of interest in terms of what is and isn’t valorized by these montages as constituting “the movies.” The montage’s argument could be summed up as: “Movies: there’s old ones, new ones, lots of kinds, lots of emotions, there are heroes and the women they fight for, and most of all, there’s love and light.

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  • The Law of Healthcare Administration is intended to give readers some appreciation of the role law plays in the everyday operation of our healthcare system. The book was first published in 1988, when the late Arthur F. Southwick was a guiding light in our field. It was the first to capture the essence of health law from management’s perspective. I have been privileged to carry Professor Southwick’s legacy through the third and fourth editions, and now it is time for the fifth.

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  • The emergence of the derivatives market has led to the creation of investment securities with complex cash flow profiles. Investment professionals, using derivatives, can customize a security’s structure to the investor’s risk/reward profile of choice. As a result, investors now have more investment choices. The increasing complexity of many of the securities, however, has complicated asset/liability risk measurement and management decisions.

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  • An important feature in many countries is the role of securitization in the lending and housing prices boom and burst. At the macroeconomic level, the dynamics of the relationship between lending, housing prices and securitization have been largely unexplored although a rising interest has recently emerged with the financial crisis.

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  • We use a series of computational models to estimate health damages attributable to air pollution from these plants, we compare these damages to estimates of damanges from non- maquiladora industrial polluters, and we use regression analysis to determine whether the poor suffer disproportionately from maquiladora air pollution. Two important caveats are in order. The two maquiladora plants for which we estimate health damages were selected for idiosyncratic reasons, and therefore may not be particularly representative.

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  • Technical Review. In addition to the above, two technical reviews were commissioned. One was undertaken by Mr David Rushton, who is a leading pioneer in community television within the UK (Rushton 2004). The other was a broader look at the emerging technical options for low-cost broadcasting, undertaken by the core research team (Eastwick 2004). This desk-based research was supported by a focus on four countries. In three of the countries a stakeholder consultation was undertaken culminating in a workshop to discuss the research.

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  • Narrow-band UVB phototherapy: This therapy (TL2 Philipps lamps emitting at 311 nm) has proved to be the most beneficial for psoriasis and looks promising in the treatment of some other skin conditions including atopic eczema and vitili- go, pruritus, lichen planus, polymorphous light eruption and early cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

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  • As a first step, simple but vital process changes that impact customers by bringing in more simplicity and convenience, with greater efficiency and efficacy for transactions, can be undertaken. These will serve as a precursor to the positive changes to come and help customers view the bank’ s transformation journey in a positive light. With customers using multiple channels to interact with their banks, it is critical that they are minimally disturbed and are impacted by no loss of existed functionality.

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  • The conclusion of the twentieth century provides Bahá'ís with a unique vantage point. During the past hundred years our world underwent changes far more profound than any in its preceding history, changes that are, for the most part, little understood by the present generation. These same hundred years saw the Bahá'í Cause emerge from obscurity, demonstrating on a global scale the unifying power with which its Divine origin has endowed it. As the century drew to its close, the convergence of these two historical developments became increasingly apparent.

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  • If, on the other hand, we allow the traders to adapt to new market observations at a more realistic rate, heterogeneous beliefs persist, and the market self-organizes into a complex regime. A rich “market psychology”—a rich set of expectations—becomes observable. Technical trading emerges as a profitable activity, and temporary bubbles and crashes occur from time to time. Trading volume is high, with times of quiescence alternating with times of intense market activity.

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  • Practice has a logic which is not that of the logician. This has to be acknowledged in order to avoid asking of it more logic than it can give, thereby condemning oneself either to wring incoherence out of it or to thrust a forced coherence upon it. (Bourdieu 1990:80) The impetus for this book emerged in the heat of practice. It was in the experience of painting two works—Reading Fiction (1995) (Illus. 1) and Reading Theory (1995) (Illus. 2)—that I came to question the representationalist logic that underpins contemporary understandings of the work of art.

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  • Ethan Marcotte wrote an introductory article about the approach, “Responsive Web Design,” for A List Apart. It stems from the notion of responsive architectural design, whereby a room or space automatically adjusts to the number and flow of people within it: “Recently, an emergent discipline called “responsive architecture” has begun asking how physical spaces can respond to the presence of people passing through them.

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  • A seeder should place seed in an environment for reliable germination. The main objective of sowing is to put seeds at a desired depth and spacing within the row. Uniform seed distribution within the soil result in better germination and emergence and increase yield by minimizing competition between plants for available light, water, and nutrients. A number of factors affect seed distribution in soil. Seed metering system, seed delivery tube, furrow opener design, physical attributes of seed and soil conditions all play a part in determining seed distribution....

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