Emotional distress

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: Randomised controlled trial of school-based humanistic counselling for emotional distress in young people: Feasibility study and preliminary indications of efficacy...

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  • The pebble was tossed into the water by Charles Darwin in 1872 when he declared in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that humans are not the only members of the animal kingdom that experience a wide array of emotions and feelings. Despite the reputation of the renowned biologist, the ripples that this tiny rock generated went largely unappreciated at the time. In fact, these ripples remained quite small until the middle of the next century.

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  • Over the last decade or two, however, there has been increasing awareness on the impact of emotional distress during pregnancy—growing recognition that the incidence of depression during pregnancy is at least as high as it is postnatally (Faisal-Cury & Menezes, 2007; Marcus, 2009), that the majority of cases of postnatal depression begin during pregnancy (Heron et al.

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  • The resettlement of humans on earth has never taken place as rapidly as it is doing now. As little as 1% of the earth’s total land mass is used as urban centres (cities) and these cities, astoundingly, carry 50% of the world’s population. Urban centres are extremely well suited to a group of insects which have associated their lives with humans and their activities. These urban insects cause pain, annoyance, emotional distress, disability and damage as a result of bites, stings and physical reactions, in addition to a plethora of diseases and other damage.

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  • In so few words, this poem beautifully captures what is so vital about early emotional development and its importance in the human condition. It is the willingness and ability to embrace fully and experience the broad spectrum of emotional states, including those that are painful and distressing, that may be key to mental health and adaptive personal development.

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  • Identify and assess children who are showing early signs of anxiety, emotional distress or behavioural problems. Normally, specialists should only be involved if the child has a combination of risk factors and/or the difficulties are recurrent or persistent. The assessment should be carried out in line with the Common Assessment Framework (to ensure effective communications with the relevant services) and using other appropriate tools.

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  • As with other age groups, more older women than older men experience depression, but rates decrease among women after menopause. 13 Evidence suggests that depression in post-menopausal women generally occurs in women with prior histories of depression. In any case, depression is NOT a normal part of aging. The death of a spouse or loved one, moving from work into retirement, or dealing with a chronic illness can leave women and men alike feeling sad or distressed.

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  • When our son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the age of two and a half, like thousands of parents before us we roller-coasted through the typical emotional responses: dismay, grief, fear for our future, but finally relief. We conclusively had a name for this condition that was filling our little boy’s life with distress, impossible, repetitive and meaningless routines and such a reluctance to respond to us that we were sure he was deaf.

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  • Acknowledgments are always my favorite part of my books because I get to thank the people who helped me. First up is Katie Wiesel. After reading a few pages, Katie took the initiative, and her shelter-seeking instincts found my book a home. Without Katie, there would be no book, and the best part is that she did not take 15 percent!

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  • Telch and Telch (1986) randomized 41 cancer patients with different diagnoses and stages of disease to a coping skills instruction group, an emotional support group or a no-treatment control group. The coping skills group showed consistent improvement in affective state, cognitive distress, communications, coping with medical procedures, and satisfaction related to work, social activities, physical appearance, sexual inti- macy, physical and social activities.

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  • Community palliative care clinical nurse specialists (commonly known as Macmillan nurses) play an important role in specialist palliative care (Skilbeck et al. 2002). They spend time with patients and their families, helping them come to terms with an array of complex emotional and practical problems, facilitating communication, giving information and advice about treatments and also offering expertise in controlling pain and other distressing symptoms. These nurses are equipped with specialist skills to assess the complex palliative care needs of patients referred to the service.

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  • Family members are often the primary caregivers of people with mental dis- orders. They provide emotional and physical support, and often have to bear the financial expenses associated with mental health treatment and care. It is estimated that one in four families has at least one member cur- rently suffering from a mental or behavioural disorder. In addition to the obvious distress of seeing a loved- one disabled by the consequences of a mental disorder, family members are also exposed to the stigma and dis- crimination associated with mental ill health.

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  • For this reason, levels of mental distress among communities need to be understood less in terms of individual pathology and more as a response to relative deprivation and social injustice, which erode the emotional, spiritual and intellectual resources essential to psychological wellbeing. While psycho- social stress is not the only route through which disadvantage affects outcomes, it does appear to be pivotal.

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