Emotional harm

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  • This is an exciting time for professionals associated with physical activity and the health professions. We have seen a substantial increase in the amount and type of research being conducted. Qualitative research has grown in popularity and has gained respect as a viable method of answering important research questions. Despite its broad appeal and inclusion in many disciplines, however, qualitative research often has an ethereal or mystical feel to it, particularly for those practitioners with strong roots in physical activity and the health professions.

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  • Laughter is one of the best emotional and physical therapies for anyone under stress. Laughing releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are like the nerve-numbing drug morphine and serve to reduce harmful chemicals in the body that are released by stress. As you know first-hand, one of the best ways to increase comfort in negative situations is to break the ice with laughter. When everyone is thinking the worst or feeling anxious about a situation, laughter can dissipate the tension just enough to give everyone a more manageable perspective on an issue. ...

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  • Fear is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most influential emotional responses we have, and it can act as both a protective and destructive force depending on the situation. Obviously, fear can help us avoid dangerous situations, triggering the ―fight or flight‖ response when we feel threatened. Unfortunately, this same response can also be triggered when no real threat exists. We simply find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and anxious even when we know logically that no harm will come to us.

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  • Of the many kinds of emotions and feelings a person may hold, prejudice is perhaps one of the most common yet complex. Prejudice is a negative attitude, emotion, or behavior towards others based on a prejudgment about those individuals with no prior knowledge or experience. Prejudice can be extremely harmful, oversimplifying diverse aspects of human nature and making broad generalizations about entire races and cultures.

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