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  • Khi quyết định mua sản phẩm gì, khách hàng sẽ so đo, cân nhắc giữa kiểu dáng, tính năng, giá cả…để tìm cái phù hợp nhu cầu của mình nhất. Nhưng nếu đứng trước hai sản phẩm “ngang cơ” về tính năng, giá cả thì sao? Thực tế cho thấy sản phẩm nào làm người mua thấy có cảm tình hơn thì họ sẽ lấy sản phẩm đó.

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  • Nếu có ai đó nói về Nike, bạn sẽ mường tượng ngay đến một cái gì đó trẻ trung, mạnh mẽ, được liên tưởng từ slogan "Just do it" (Tiến lên!) Hoặc nếu nói tới Google, đó sẽ là sự tin cậy, tốt lành với slogan "Dont do evil" (Đừng làm điều xấu). Chào mừng bạn đến với thế giới của "tiếp thị nhằm vào cảm xúc!

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  • Resilient kids ‘bounce back’ from the inevitable crises that come along. Most young people are skilled in dealing with frustration, teasing, disappointments and generally maintain good relationships. For others, emotional control is tricky and any perceived threat is met with furious, sometimes physical defence or taken to heart and added to a store of negative self-concept. Inherited characteristics and the nurturing experience set up patterns of responses, physiology kicks in and emotional first-aid is needed.

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  • Có một bi kịch là khách hàng đang ngày càng kém trung thành, khi mà trước họ là các kệ hàng hóa là ngồn ngộn các sản phẩm cùng loại với những tính năng “hay, tốt như nhau”, chưa kể nào là khuyến mãi, hậu mãi các kiểu. Điều duy nhất có thể giữa chân họ là sự trung thành với nhãn hiệu, có nó, xác suất chuyển đổi sang xài nhãn hiệu cạnh tranh khác sẽ giảm.

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  • This book was written after FASB released its proposed FAS 123 revision Tin March 2004. As one of the valuation consultants and FASB advisors on the FAS 123 initiative in 2003 and 2004, I would like to illustrate to the finance and accounting world that what FASB has proposed is actually pragmatic and applicable. I am neither for nor against the expensing of employee stock options and would recuse myself from the philosophical and sometimes emotional debate on whether employee ...

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  • Selling. What a profession. Why do so many people love selling so much, whereas others hate even the thought of selling something? What is it about the topic of selling that causes so many mixed emotions? Better yet, why are some people so good at it, and others are always trying to get it right?

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  • Trade Like Jesse Livermore explains the complete Livermore Trading System, developed by Jesse Livermore over his legendary 45-year career trading the stock market. This book explores the technical aspects of the Livermore Trading System, including Timing, Money Management, and a way to achieve Emotional Control. It deals with the details and secrets of the stock trading system that brought about Livermore’s amazing and unbridled success on Wall Street.

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  • Let’s begin with the markets themselves, and with fear and greed. We have all heard the cliches about fear and greed. They rule the markets. In fact, that’s all the markets are—a reflection of these emotions. In order to make money trading, you must learn to control your fear and greed.

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  • Ai cũng muốn có được những lợi ích về tính năng và cảm xúc (emotional benefits) khi mua bất kỳ mặt hàng nào. Các lợi ích về tính năng có thể là kiểu dáng, kích cỡ, màu sắc, cho đến độ bền, chất lượng và hiệu suất hoạt động của sản phẩm. Chẳng hạn, khi mua một chiếc xe hơi hạng sang đặc biệt, khách hàng nào cũng mong muốn sẽ có một sản phẩm bền bỉ và đầy đủ các tính năng cần thiết. Các lợi ích về tình cảm chính là tính an toàn, sự tự tin cùng...

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  • Functional or technical competence will always be important, but as we compete in different markets, interact with culturally different clients and customers, manage foreign workforces, and interact with people of all types, those most skilled in managing themselves and their interactions with others will prove to be invaluable. When you hire people who demonstrate emotional intelligence, you build an organization that can function, not just today, but also tomorrow.

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  • Mẫu quảng cáo sáng tạo có thể làm cho bạn… S.M.I.L.E (Smile có nghĩa là mỉm cười) S - simple (đơn giản), M - memorable (dễ nhớ), I - interesting (gây chú ý - có ngầm hiểu), L - linked to the brand (gắn kết tốt với nhãn), E emotional (gây xúc cảm và thú vị)....

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  • The goal of The Daily Trading Coach is to teach you as much as possible about coaching, so that you can mentor yourself to success in the financial markets. The key word in the title is “Daily.” This book is designed to be a resource that you can use every day to build upon strengths and overcome weaknesses. After writing two books—The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance—and penning more than 1,800 posts for the Trader- Feed blog (www.traderfeed.blogspot.com/), I thought I had pretty well covered the terrain of trading psychology.

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  • Video is a powerful medium that many business folks timidly avoid. After all, it can appear very complex! What tools do I use? How do I know what to make? How on earth am I going to explain the value of this to my boss? If you answer these questions, video can be a major asset to your business. Appealing to both audio and visual senses, video is powerful, emotion-evoking content that people love to share. Marketers can use video to generate traffic to their websites, build brand buzz, generate inbound links (which can help with SEO) and grow social media...

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  • To begin, in this chapter I introduce you to the problem with decompilers and why virtual machines and the Android platform in particular are at such risk. You learn about the history of decompilers; it may surprise you that they’ve been around almost as long as computers. And because this can be such an emotive topic, I take some time to discuss the legal and moral issues behind decompilation. Finally, you’re introduced to some of options open to you if you want to protect your code.

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  • The point of view shots here allow us to experience the emotions of the female lead character as she is left alone in a room full of policemen. In a very direct way, we gain an insight into the emotional vulnerability of the character played by Jodie Foster and empathise with her. This visit to the funeral home also triggers her childhood memory of the trauma she suffered when her father was killed. The point of view shot leads us into a flashback in a very subtle and seamless way – another example of the invisible storytelling of the continuity...

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  • Affirming the right of every child and every pregnant and lactating woman to be adequately nourished, as a means of attaining and maintaining health; Recognizing that infant malnutrition is part of the wider problems of lack of education, poverty, and social injustice; Recognizing that the health of infants and young children cannot be isolated from the health and nutrition of women, their socioeconomic status and their roles as mothers; Conscious that breast-feeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; that it forms a uniqu...

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  • Another salient emotion in moving experiences is the feeling of inspi- ration. The word “inspired” means, in its etymological sense, to be filled with breath, spirit, and life. Thus, the emotion of learning at its most powerful is the feeling of increased vitality as we realize our growing capacity to perceive and act. This particular quality of experience is addressed indirectly, at best, in mainstream psychological traditions. For example, the motivation construct of goals...

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  • A large body of research over several decades has grappled with how and whether fear can persuade consumers to change their health behaviors. Different models have been proposed to describe the cognitive and emotional processes involved.

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  • Sometimes added to the “Four P’s of Marketing,” policy refers to the consideration of the laws or regulations that influence the behavior you want to change. This can include those laws or penalties you can use or enact to further encourage the behavior (such as imprisonment for drunk driving), as well as understanding or changing those policies or laws that may act as barriers to the behavior (such as inconvenient clinic locations).

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  • Witasek insists, rather, that since aesthetic enjoyment is a genuine pleasure, it must be related to some genuine object of an appropriate sort. But what could this object be, in cases where our aesthetic pleasure is related to Gestalt structures of expression? Note, first of all, that here the genuine feeling of aesthetic pleasure as it unfolds through time manifests a dependence on and a sensitivity to the empathetic-sympathetic emotional arousal with which it is associated. Now the latter is a real phenomenon, which also manifests a real temporal unfolding.

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