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  • This book was written after FASB released its proposed FAS 123 revision Tin March 2004. As one of the valuation consultants and FASB advisors on the FAS 123 initiative in 2003 and 2004, I would like to illustrate to the finance and accounting world that what FASB has proposed is actually pragmatic and applicable. I am neither for nor against the expensing of employee stock options and would recuse myself from the philosophical and sometimes emotional debate on whether employee ...

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  • Chapter 1: Implications of the New FAS 123 Requirements. The revised 2004 statement retains the principle established in FAS 123 (1995) that a public entity should measure the cost of employee services received in exchange for awards of equity instruments based on the fair value of the instruments at the grant date.

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  • Chapter 3: Impact on Valuation. In options analysis, there are three mainstream methodologies and approaches used to calculate an option’s value.

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  • Chapter 9: The Model Inputs. STOCK AND STRIKE PRICE. The stock price required for the ESO valuation analysis is based on some future grant date’s stock price forecast.

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  • Chapter 6: Expense Attribution Schedule. The ESOs valued will have to be attributed over the life of the option. This expense attribution can employ a straight-line method that is simple and takes the value of the ESO and evenly allocates its value starting from the vested period and extending to the option’s maturity.

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  • Chapter 8: Binomial Lattices in Technical Detail. This chapter introduces the reader to some basics of options valuation and a step-by-step approach to analyzing them.

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  • Despite the importance of the topic, however, there appears to be essentially no evidence on the link between option grants and firm riskiness. Guay (1997) finds, in 1988 data (which largely predates the option explosion) that firms appear to grant options more frequently in companies with growth opportunities, which is consistent with the explanation that firms may attempt to use options to increase risk-taking. Likewise, Tufano (1998) finds evidence in gold mines that managers with more options hedge gold price risk less. Using data from 1978 through 1982, DeFusco et al.

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  • Automated stock trading is a burgeoning research area with important practical applica- tions. The advent of the Internet has radically transformed the nature of stock trading in most stock exchanges. Traders can now readily purchase and sell stock from a remote site using Internet-based order submission protocols. Additionally, traders can moni- tor the contents of buy and sell order books in real time using a Web-based interface.

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  • Chapter 2: The 2004 Proposed FAS 123 Requirements. The FASB concluded that the 2004 proposed FAS 123 would require a single method of accruing compensation cost for awards with a graded vesting schedule.

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  • Chapter 10: A Sample Case Study. This chapter provides an example case study with detailed empirical justifications for the input assumptions used in the ESO valuation.

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  • You cannot predict the future or control the present—these are prime directives governing the creation and use of options. This text takes the mystery out of predicting and profiting from the future price trends of stocks and futures contracts using fundamental and/or technical analysis along with option strategies that manage the associated risk. Savvy market operators have devised methods of attacking the markets aggressively, while protecting themselves from the daily risk of loss.

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  • Chapter 4: Haircuts on Nonmarketability, Modified Black-Scholes with Expected Life, and Dilution. ESOs are neither directly transferable to someone else nor freely tradable in the open market.

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  • Chapter 5: Applicability of Monte Carlo Simulation. Analyses in previous chapters clearly indicate that using the BSM alone is insufficient to measure the true fair-market value of ESOs.

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  • Chapter 7: Brief Technical Background. BLACK-SCHOLES MODEL. The cumulative standard-normal distribution function can be solved in Excel by using its “NORMSDIST( )” function.

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  • Congress likely would find itself embroiled in any such financial crisis through its direct role in conducting fiscal policy and in its indirect role in the conduct of monetary policy through its supervisory responsibility over the Federal Reserve. Such a coordinated withdrawal seems highly unlikely, particularly since the vast majority of the investors are private entities that presumably would find it difficult to coordinate a withdrawal.

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  • The listing of stock exchanges, perhaps even more than their demutualisation, has transformed their business model. Although demutualisation is claimed to have changed the ownership of stock exchanges, significant ownership stakes were often retained by previous member firms (Steil, 2002). Therefore, the fundamental governance structure of exchanges was not significantly impacted. Self-listing and the subsequent dispersion of ownership of exchanges have finally divorced their interests from those of broker dealers.

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  • The investment portfolio typically has a significant impact on an FHLBank’s total interest rate risk profile. While FHLBanks may manage the interest rate risk of its mortgage assets by combining AMA and MBS, and manage the economic value risk of the entire FHLBank through VaR metrics, it is nonetheless a sound practice to separately measure and control price sensitivity in the investment portfolio with limits for price changes given rate changes. For example, the FHLBank may limit the portfolio’s sensitivity to 10 percent when interest rates change 300 basis points.

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  • 488 Making Key Strategic Decisions (1) Obtain copies of (i) all pension plans, (ii) all profit sharing plans, and (iii) all stock option plans. (2) If the Company has a pension plan, indicate the date on which there last was a compliance with the Federal Pension Plan Disclosure Act. (Compliance is obtained by giving a printed copy of the plan to the employees covered thereby.) t. Reports filed with governmental agencies. (1) Review all material reports filed with any governmental agency (state or federal) during the last 12 months.

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