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  • A case study is a way to test the applicability of a theory using real-world evidence. The intent is not necessarily to select a successful or unsuccessful example, but rather to demonstrate that leadership is a key element in project management, and a project cannot succeed without it. The selected case is tested in this step, with the purpose of showing how leadership skills affect projects. The case study selected is Skanska, a major international construction company.

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  • The value of the share depends on how well its property rights are enforced. The enforcement of property rights is usually undertaken by both individual owners and the state. In economies where the state does not effectively enforce property rights, the enforcement by individual owners plays a relatively more important role. The structure of share ownership affects the degree to which corporate contracts are enforced, because it affects the owners’ abilities and incentives to enforce the property rights delineated by the contracts.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'towards a caribbean cinema - can there be or is there a caribbean cinema?', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, sân khấu điện ảnh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • It is interesting to consider why a sponsor chooses to support a MMMF even though it is not contractually required to do so. Fund sponsors may be concerned about their reputation in the market place, loss of cross-selling opportunities, or the cost of potential investor lawsuits. 21 We posit that fund sponsors may also choose to provide support because they initially underestimate the amount of support necessary to fully alleviate financial concerns in the funds. While the entirety of support is costly, the incremental cost at each point may appear worthwhile. ...

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  • However, double mode will also cause a redundancy effect. Diao and Sweller (2007) conducted a study with university students which demonstrated that text-only presentation mode was better than synchronised sound and text presentation mode, for both performance and cognitive load. This result supported the proposition that the redundancy effect occurs when sound is presented simultaneously with text, which is not beneficial to learning. However, this study did not take learners’ prior knowledge into account. A Chinese learning study, with high school...

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  • Notification of absence of employee having delegated approval authorization will be released by Head of Department to Director HR, Director IT, Director Finance, and Internal Audit Services. In addition, copy to Director IBA for absence of Level 3 employees.

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  • Caps on dealer markups: In most low-income car purchase transactions, the dealer arranges the financing in addition to selling the car. Dealers typically contact prospective lenders and present the consumer’s financial information. Lenders then will inform the dealer on what terms they will be willing to lend to that consumer. Often dealers will have consumers enter into financing arrangements at a higher interest rate than the con- sumer actually qualifies for. The dealer keeps most of the extra money that will be paid by the consumer due to the higher interest charges.

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  • Economic

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  • LSI develops, manages and hosts Internet-based training and education for corporations, government agencies and academic institutions. The Company offers its online courseware primarily through its proprietary virtual campus product, or CLEGA University™, a full-service, centrally hosted, scalable distance education platform. It allows for the registration, enrollment, teaching, testing, grading and certification of distance learners. CLEGA University is accessible by virtually any Internet-ready PC.

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  • Stormwater runoff reduces water clarity and lowers the value of lakeside properties. Florida Friendly landscaping helps reduce stormwater from entering the lake by helping it soak into the ground, preventing damage to lake water quality and loss of property value. Examples of improvements HOAs might find they need are: mulching a pathway, planting ground covers, establishing a buffer zone of shrubs and other plants along the shore of their retention pond, diverting stormwater water away from a driveway or building, and pumping the septic system regularly.

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  • What follows is similar to Burdett and Judd (1983). Consider a market with N retailers selling two homogeneous goods labeled A and B. Marginal cost of production ci (i = a; b) is assumed to be constant, independent of a production level of the other good and equal among the retailers. Cost of producing a bundle of one unit of each good will be denoted by cab and is equal to ca + cb. All consumers have identical tastes and their mass per retailer is normalized to one. The consumers demand exactly one unit of each good and the triplet (va; vb; vab) describes their reservation...

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  • As will become clear in what follows, a central role is played in Witasek's work by the notion of Gestalt structure. The Gestalt psychology of Ehrenfels, Meinong and Witasek, particularly as this was developed by Vittorio Benussi, was indeed for a time a serious rival to the Berlin school of Wertheimer, Köhler and Koffka and played a not insignicant role in the early development of the latter.

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  • There may be occasions when the diner is unable to manage the tasks of eating and drinking without help from a family member or carer. Help should be thoughtfully provided, and the diner should, whenever possible, be in control of the proceedings, eating at his/her own pace and selecting what next to eat. If you are helping someone to eat a meal or to take a drink, position yourself in front or slightly to one side of the diner, so that you can see each other and communicate more easily. Make sure the diner is adequately supported in...

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  • The end result is not a "forgotten" war as much as one where governments have failed to provide meaningful transparency, and where an effort to provide a meaningful overview using unclassified information becomes a cut and paste exercise in finding materials that provide enough detail to at to show where the war is going and the challenges involved. The present draft is a rough cut at developing a comprehensive briefing on the current status of the war.

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  • A key challenge for computer auditors is to keep up to date with the constant and rapid developments in IT. Continuous training and development is essential. Successful computer auditing is based upon a foundation of technical excellence. Without this, computer auditors are limited in their ability to audit effectively and to provide a valuable service to the organisation. It should also be noted that the role of the computer auditor can, in some areas, overlap with that of the computer security function and this can cause confusion.

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  • Email-aware virus/malware have the ability to spread by email message by automating the infected computer's email clients or by spreading the virus/malware themselves. Mass-mailing behavior describes a situation when an infection spreads rapidly in a Microsoft Exchange environment. Trend Micro designed the scan engine to detect behavior that mass-mailing attacks usually demonstrate. The behaviors are recorded in the Virus Pattern file that is updated using the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Servers.

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