Enabling RIP

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Describe the features and operation of RIP Use Cisco IOS commands to configure dynamic routing using RIP, given a functioning router Use show and debug commands to identify anomalies in dynamic routing operation using RIP, given an operational router

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  • In this chapter, you learned to: Encounter and describe the limitations of RIPv1’s limitations, apply the basic Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIPv2) configuration commands and evaluate RIPv2 classless routing updates, analyze router output to see RIPv2 support for VLSM and CIDR,...

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  • This is the first part of the Semester 2 practical final exam. It will focus on your ability to configure the lab routers to communicate properly. You will work in teams of five to configure all five Cisco routers and attached workstations so that they share an IP addressing / subnet scheme and a common dynamic routing protocol (e.g.: RIP, IGRP etc.). This will enable them to route packets from a network on router LAB-A to a network on router LAB-E. The NVRAM (startup config file) in all five routers will be erased prior to starting the exam. Your team will select a single class...

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  • Implementing IP Addressing Services. Objectives: Configure DHCP in an enterprise branch network, Configure NAT on a Cisco router, Configure new generation RIP (RIPng) to use IPv6. Every device that connects to a network needs an IP address. Network administrators assign static IP addresses to routers, servers, and other network devices whose locations (physical and logical) are not likely to change. Administrators enter static IP addresses manually when they configure devices to join the network. Static addresses also enable administrators to manage those devices remotely....

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  • There are advantages and disadvantages to using any type of routing protocol.  Some of their inherent pitfalls, and.  Remedies to these pitfalls.  Understanding the operation of distance vector routing is critical to enabling, verifying, and troubleshooting these protocols.RIP: Routing Information Protocol originally specified in RFC 1058.  Metric: Hop count  Hop count greater than 15 means network is unreachable.  Routing updates: Broadcast/multicast every 30 seconds

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  • For a few thousand dollars, anyone can buy their own personal-scale manufacturing machine, download electronic blueprints to their home computer, and manufacture unique and complicated objects at home. Personal manufacturing machines, or “fabbers,” are the pint-sized, low-cost descendants of mass manufacturing machines used in factories. Different types of small-scale manufacturing machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and programmable sewing machines, combined with an electronic design blueprint, enable people to create a wide range of objects.

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