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  • Contents Sources and acknowledgements 4 The area under study 6 Summary 11 1. Introduction 17 2. Ecological borders and the creation of the Kafia Kingi enclave 19 3. Borders between states and statelessness: Darfur and Bahr al-Ghazal in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 26 4. Being Fertit: people and societies in Western Bahr al-Ghazal and the Kafia Kingi enclave 38 5. The 1930–46 Southern Policy: drawing a cultural and religious border 61 6. Delineations: the political border 71 7. Border economies and the social meaning of roads,...

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  • This handbook on global international policy is one in a set of six global policy handbooks. The other five deal with economic, technology, social, political, and legal policy. Public policy studies in the past have tended to emphasize domestic policy rather than cross-national policy. This has been especially true of American policy studies, which tend to be especially nation-bound. This is also true, to some extent, of policy studies in France, Russia, China, Brazil, and elsewhere.

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  • And what effect do these industrial shifts have on the employability of city residents? The transformation has favored a more educated labor force over blue-collar or entry- level workers, and it has been most pronounced in the Northeast and Midwest, which house the greatest concentration of minority groups (Moss and Tilly, 1991; Kasarda, 1985, 1989, 1990).

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  • The decentralized, experimental nature of early economic reform is clear in Chinese establishment of Special Economic Zones – export-oriented enclaves that were allowed to detach themselves partially from the central administrative apparatus and to operate with considerable autonomy. Guangdong, which was allowed to set up its own foreign trade corporations, was a pioneer. On the eve of reform, Guangdong seemed to have few advantages. It had few natural resources, a low ratio of arable land per capita, and high rates of rural unemployment.

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