Endocrine disease

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  • For many years, interest in the prevention of diseases in children was concentrated on improvement of the postnatal environment. However, since the major problems of infectious diseases and nutrition were solved with the help of vaccinations and better feeding regimes, it became clear that new approaches were needed to prevent and treat the disorders and problems we are facing now - problems mainly arising in prenatal life.

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  • Diseases of the Tongue See Table 32-4.

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  • In the diffuse forms of hyperpigmentation, the darkening of the skin may be of equal intensity over the entire body or may be accentuated in sun-exposed areas. The causes of diffuse hyperpigmentation can be divided into four major groups—endocrine, metabolic, autoimmune, and drugs. The endocrinopathies that frequently have associated hyperpigmentation include Addison's disease, Nelson syndrome, and ectopic ACTH syndrome. In these diseases, the increased pigmentation is diffuse but is accentuated in the palmar creases, sites of friction, scars, and the oral mucosa.

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  • As an endocrinologist, I am very familiar with the importance of the endocrine glands to human functioning. These glands work continuously to maintain the health of all individuals as we move through each and every day of our lives. In fact, when one or more of the endocrine glands malfunction, the person’s entire system is often thrown into disarray. For example, if a person develops Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder that causes hypothyroidism, the person’s once-normal thyroid levels will drop. He or she may become lethargic and show a variety of symptoms.

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  • The veterinary profession has made major diagnostic and therapeutic advances in the treatment of infectious and degenerative diseases. The incidence of chronic disease and cancer, however, has increased at alarming rates and is diagnosed at younger ages, even in puppies and kittens. Perhaps it is this rising incidence of degenerative diseases that has spawned an insatiable search by professionals, scientists, and animal guardians for alternative therapies.

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  • Physiology plays a major role in the scientific foundation of medicine and other subjects related to human health and physical performance. Pharmacology is the science which deals with the effects of drugs on living systems and their use in the treatment of disease. This book is designed to enhance students’ understanding of physiology and pharmacology via a series of case studies involving human disease and its treatment. Traditional university teaching methods focus on informing students in terms of physiological and pharmacological theory.

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  • Nearly a decade elapsed between publication of the second and third editions of Basic Medical Endocrinology due in large part to the turmoil in the publishing industry brought on by massive consolidation.Although this edition is new and the publisher is new, the aims of earlier editions of this work are unchanged. Its focus remains human endocrinology with an emphasis on cellular and molecular mechanisms presented in the context of integration of body functions.

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  • Bệnh To cực (acromegaly): 1.1.Căn nguyên và Sinh bệnh học: tăng tiết GH (growth hormone) gây ra bệnh to cực. Hoạt động quá mức gene điều hòa GH gây ra nhiều tác động trên chuyển hóa, tăng trưởng và biệt hóa tế bào, gây ra sự tiết quá nhiều Somatidin C (SM), IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) dẫn dến sự tăng trưởng bất thường các tế bào trong mô. Da bệnh sẽ dầy lên do tích tụ glycosaminoglycans. 1.2.

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  • Các bệnh cảnh Da: -Mất sắc tố da (leukoderma): do giảm sắc tố, gây ra do giảm các hắc tố bào hoặc giảm sắc tố melanin. Thường gặp trong suy tuyến yên. -Tăng sắc tố da (melanoderma): da có màu nâu gây ra do tăng số lượng hắc tố bào hoặc tăng sắc tố melanin (melanosis). Gặp trong bệnh Addison. -Ceruloderma: tăng sắc tố ở lớp bì, da có màu đỏ bầm (bluish) hoặc xám sậm (greyish), do tăng số lượng hắc tố bào, tăng sắc tố melanin và pha tăng sắc tố.

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  • Bệnh Đái tháo nhạt tự phát (idiopathic diabetes insipidus): 1.1.Căn nguyên và Sinh bệnh học: Có 2 dạng của Đái tháo nhạt (DI, diabetes insipidus): DI trung ương và DI do thận. Biểu hiện thường gặp nhất của DI là đa niệu.

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  • Tăng năng tuyến giáp (hyperthyroidism): *Căn nguyên và Sinh bệnh học: Tăng năng tuyến giáp xảy ra do tăng chức năng của tuyến giáp hoặc tăng kích thích do thyrotropin của tuyến yên. Thâm nhiễm trong bệnh lý ở da của tuyến giáp (phù niêm trước xương chày khu trú) là hậu quả của sự tích tụ hyaluronic acid ở bì và dưới bì, sinh bệnh học chưa rõ. Về nguồn gốc tự miễn, thấy các nguyên bào sợi bị kích thích bởi các tự kháng thể từ kháng nguyên của tuyến giáp.

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  • The aim of the Handbook of Diagnostic Endocrinology is to provide a comprehensive overview of current approaches to the diagnosis of endocrine disorders. Our ability to diagnose patients with diseases of the endocrine systems is expanding exponentially with the development of new and more reliable assay methods and the incorporation of both molecular and genetic approaches into our understanding of the pathophysiology of these diseases.

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  • At the beginning of the 21st century, medicine is increasingly based on understanding the functions of genes and the molecular mechanisms of diseases. In pancreatology, the understanding of functions and dysfunctions of the exocrine and endocrine pancreas is derived from molecular biological data on the actions of compounds in subcellular compartments and intracellular transcription pathways.

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  • Jillian J Francis*1, Martin P Eccles2, Marie Johnston3, Paula Whitty2, Jeremy M Grimshaw4, Eileen FS Kaner5, Liz Smith6 and Anne Walker1 Address: 1Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK, 2Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 3College of Life Sciences and Medicine, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK, 4Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Health Research Institute and Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 5Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and 6Manchest...

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  • Adipose tissue is an endocrine organ made up of adipocytes, various stro-mal cells, resident and infiltrating immune cells, and an extensive endo-thelial network. Adipose secretory products, collectively referred to as adipokines, have been identified as contributors to the negative conse-quences of adipose tissue expansion that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

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  • Endocrine disruptors function by: (i) Mimicking the action of a naturally-produced hormone, such as estrogen or testosterone, thereby setting off similar chemical reactions in the body; (ii) Blocking hormone receptors in cells, thereby preventing the action of normal hormones; or (iii) Affecting the synthesis, transport, metabolism and excretion of hormones, thus altering the concentrations of natural hormones.

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  • Since the synthesis of DDT during 1874 several insecticide molecules have been identified and synthesized globally for the control of insect pests, pathogens, microbes, vectors of human and animal diseases, weeds and other obnoxious organisms. Currently, 1.8 billion kgs of pesticides are used annually worldwide in the form of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. There are more than 1055 active ingredients registered as pesticides till date implying that there is no best alternate for the chemical pesticide.

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  • Diagnosis is fundamental to the appropriate treatment and wellbeing of the equine patient. Despite the many excellent clinical texts that are available, few seem to explain in sufficiently precise terms which clinicopathological tests are appropriate or how particular techniques should be performed. The first edition of this book was designed to provide an illustrated practical guide to the various diagnostic techniques employed in equine medicine. This second edition is an update by international experts in the field.

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  • This girl presented at the age of 11 years and 3 months. She had experienced rapid weight gain from 31 kg to 65 kg, but had only grown by 7 cm in height in 2 years. Acne and facial flushing were also noted. No previous medication had been prescribed. The patient had initially ignored the symptoms, but fre- quent poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, and abdomi- nal pain developed 6 months prior to attendance at our pediatric endocrine clinic. Moon face, buffalo hump, generalized obesity, and purpuric striae were noted. She had a height of 149.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'diagnostic techniques in equine medicine', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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