Endoscope robots

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  • Robotic surgery is still in the early stages even though robotic assisted surgery is increasing continuously. Thus, exact and careful understanding of robotic surgery is necessary because chaos and confusion exist in the early phase of anything. Especially, the confusion may be increased because the robotic equipment, which is used in surgery, is different from the robotic equipment used in the automobile factory. The robots in the automobile factory just follow a program.

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  • Minimally Invasive Surgery represents the future of many types of medical interventions such as keyhole neurosurgey or transluminal endoscopic surgery. These procedures involve insertion of surgical instruments such as needles and endoscopes into human body through small incision/ body cavity for biopsy and drug delivery.

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  • “Laparoscopy“ is derived from two Greek words meaning “flank” and “insight.” Laparoscopy is the established term although „celioscopy“, meaning intraabdominal insight, would have been more accurate. Today “laparoscopy” describes a procedure during which contents of the intraperitoneal cavity or of the extraperitoneal space are examined and manipulated in a diagnostic or therapeutic intervention.

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