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  • Chapter 1 - An introduction to software engineering. The learning objectives for this chapter include: To introduce software engineering and to explain its importance, to set out the answers to key questions about software engineering, to introduce ethical and professional issues and to explain why they are of concern to software engineers.

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  • Chapter 2 - Socio-technical systems. The learning objectives for this chapter include: To explain what a socio-technical system is and the distinction between this and a computer-based system, to introduce the concept of emergent system properties such as reliability and security, to explain system engineering and system procurement processes, to explain why the organisational context of a system affects its design and use, to discuss legacy systems and why these are critical to many businesses.

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  • Chapter 4 - Software processes. This chapter include objectives: To introduce software process models; to describe three generic process models and when they may be used; to describe outline process models for requirements engineering, software development, testing and evolution; to explain the Rational Unified Process model; to introduce CASE technology to support software process activities.

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  • Chapter 7 - Requirements engineering processes. This chapter include objectives: To describe the principal requirements engineering activities and their relationships, to introduce techniques for requirements elicitation and analysis, to describe requirements validation and the role of requirements reviews, to discuss the role of requirements management in support of other requirements engineering processes.

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  • Chapter 19 - Component-based software engineering. The learning objectives for this chapter include: To explain that CBSE is concerned with developing standardised components and composing these into applications, to describe components and component models, to show the principal activities in the CBSE process, to discuss approaches to component composition and problems that may arise.

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  • Chapter 30 - Security engineering. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: To introduce issues that must be considered in the specification and design of secure software; to discuss security risk management and the derivation of security requirements from a risk analysis; to describe good design practice for secure systems development; to explain the notion of system survivability and to introduce a method of survivability analysis.

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  • Chapter 31 - Service-centric software engineering. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: To explain the notion of a reusable service, based on web service standards, that provides a mechanism for inter-organisational computing; to describe the service engineering process that is intended to produce reusable web services; to introduce service composition as a means of application development; to show how business process models may be used as a basis for the design of service-oriented systems.

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  • Chapter 32 - Aspect-oriented software development. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: The separation of concerns; aspects, join points and pointcuts; software engineering with aspects.

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  • Ebook Oxford English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering includes Engineering-what's itall about? Choosinga course, engineeringmaterials, mechanisms, forces in engineering, the electric motor, an engineering student, central heating, safety at work, young engineer, washing machine,... careers in engineering, applying for a job.


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  • Engineers use the concepts and methods of mechanics of solids in designing and evaluating tools, machines, and structures, ranging from wrenches to cars to spacecraft. The required educational back ground for these includes courses in statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, and related subjects.

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  • Its goals are to present basic concepts in a general setting, to show students how the principles of electrical engineering apply to specific problems in their own fields, and to enhance the overall learning process. Circuit analysis, digital systems, electronics, and electromechanics are covered.

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  • I’d like to imagine you picked this book because its title caught your interest. I suppose you want to make 2D games for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and the game engine of your choice is cocos2d for iOS. Or maybe you don’t care so much about the game engine but you do want to make 2D games for iOS devices in general. Maybe you’re looking for some in-depth discussion on cocos2d, if you’ve been using it for a while already. Whatever your reasons for choosing this book, I’m sure you’ll get a lot out it.

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  • (BQ) The ASPE Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information for the design and specifi cation of plumbing systems.

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  • (BQ) Achieve success in your physics course by making the most of what Ebook Physics for Scientists and Engineers has to offer. From a host of in-text features to a range of outstanding technology resources, you'll have everything you need to understand the natural forces and principles of physics. Throughout every chapter, the authors have built in a wide range of examples, exercises, and illustrations that will help you understand the laws of physics AND succeed in your course.

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  • Introduction to Control Systems, Mathematical Modeling of Control Systems, Mathematical Modeling of Mechanical Systems and Electrical Systems, Mathematical Modeling of Fluid Systems and Thermal Systems, Transient and Steady-State Response Analyses,... as the main contents of the book "Modern Control Engineering". Invite you to consult.

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  • "Introduction to Matlab for Engineers" is a simple, concise book designed to be useful for beginners and to be kept as a reference. Matlab is a globally available standard computational tool for engineers and scientists. The terminology, syntax, and the use of the programming language are well defined, and the organization of the material makes it easy to locate information and navigate through the textbook. The text covers all the major capabilities of MATLAB that are useful for beginning students. Animation and Sound in Matlab

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  • Ebook Engineer’s Handbook includes Joints, Shaft Generator, Bearings, Spring Generators, Transmission Mechanisms Generators and Calculators (Bevel Gears Generator, Worm Gears Generator, Roller Chains Component Generator,...).

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  • This book is intended for engineering students who are grounded in basic physics, chemistry, and biology, and who have already been introduced to fluid mechanics. The material presented can readily be covered in a one-semester course.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Microwave Engineering emphasizes the fundamental concepts of Maxwell's equations, wave propagation, network analysis and design principles as applied to modern microwave engineering. Applications of microwave engineering are also changing, with increasing emphasis on commercial use of microwave technology for personal communications systems, wireless local area networks, millimeter wave collision avoidance vehicle radars, radio frequency (RF) identification tagging, direct broadcast satellite television, and many other systems related to the information infrastructure.

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  • Figliola and Beasleys Fifth Edition provides revised material for engineering practice with important updates on coverage of probability and statistics and uncertainty analysis, including added material on Monte Carlo simulation, digital image processing, and with revised coverage of signal acquisition, conditioning, and processing.

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