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  • Trong thời đại toàn cầu hóa ngày nay, english đóng vai trò vô cùng quan trọng đến tiến trình hội nhập của đất nước chúng ta."BẠN" có bao giờ hình dung rằng nếu chỉ với one language "VIETNAMESE", bạn sẽ làm cho một công ty đa quốc gia, lương bổng cao, có cơ hôi thăng tiến trong sự nghiệp...và tất nhiên câu trả lời là "KHÔNG".

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  • In this paper, we develop a methodology for discovering the thematic structure of the Qur’an based on a fundamental idea in data mining and related disciplines: that, with respect to some collection of texts, the lexical frequency profiles of the individual texts are a good indicator of their conceptual content, and thus provide a reliable criterion for their classification relative to one another.

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  • To segment texts in thematic units, we present here how a basic principle relying on word distribution can be applied on different kind of texts. We start from an existing method well adapted for scientific texts, and we propose its adaptation to other kinds of texts by using semantic links between words. These relations are found in a lexical network, automatically built from a large corpus. We will compare their results and give criteria to choose the more suitable method according to text characteristics. ...

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  • This article outlines a quantitative method for segmenting texts into thematically coherent units. This method relies on a network of lexical collocations to compute the thematic coherence of the different parts of a text from the lexical cohesiveness of their words. We also present the results of an experiment about locating boundaries between a series of concatened texts. 1 Introduction Several quantitative methods exist for thematically segmenting texts. Most of them are based on the following assumption: the thematic coherence of a text segment finds expression at the lexical level. ...

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  • We present an approach for detecting salient (important) dates in texts in order to automatically build event timelines from a search query (e.g. the name of an event or person, etc.). This work was carried out on a corpus of newswire texts in English provided by the Agence France Presse (AFP). In order to extract salient dates that warrant inclusion in an event timeline, we first recognize and normalize temporal expressions in texts and then use a machine-learning approach to extract salient dates that relate to a particular topic....

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  • In Semantic Role Labeling (SRL), it is reasonable to globally assign semantic roles due to strong dependencies among arguments. Some relations between arguments significantly characterize the structural information of argument structure. In this paper, we concentrate on thematic hierarchy that is a rank relation restricting syntactic realization of arguments. A loglinear model is proposed to accurately identify thematic rank between two arguments.

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  • Thematic knowledge is a basis of semamic interpretation. In this paper, we propose an acquisition method to acquire thematic knowledge by exploiting syntactic clues from training sentences. The syntactic clues, which may be easily collected by most existing syntactic processors, reduce the hypothesis space of the thematic roles. The ambiguities may be further resolved by the evidences either from a trainer or from a large corpus.

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  • This paper describes a computational model of concept acquisition for natural language. W e develop a theory of lexical semantics, the Eztended Aspect Calculus, which together with a ~maxkedness theory" for thematic relations, constrains what a possible word meaning can be. This is based on the supposition that predicates from the perceptual domain axe the primitives for more abstract relations. W e then describe an implementation of this model, TULLY, which mirrors the stages of lexical acquisition for children. ...

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  • This paper presents a new, exemplar-based model of thematic fit. In contrast to previous models, it does not approximate thematic fit as argument plausibility or ‘fit with verb selectional preferences’, but directly as semantic role plausibility for a verb-argument pair, through similaritybased generalization from previously seen verb-argument pairs. This makes the model very robust for data sparsity. We argue that the model is easily extensible to a model of semantic role ambiguity resolution during online sentence comprehension. ...

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  • This worktext series focuses in on practical vocabulary terms, skills, and concepts in relevant situational settings. Struggling students learn over 3,000 high-utility words in 28 self-contained thematic lessons. Additionally, each lesson activates prior knowledge and continually reinforces fundamental language arts skills and concepts.

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  • Four thousand world words presented in 16 contextuallzed, thematic units.Each lesson in the unit presents vocabulary trough color photographs and illutrations, contextualized readings, hight - Frequency word patterns study , and active learning opportunities

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  • (BQ) Ebook Vocabulary Science and Technology words was written especially for you. The program was designed to enrich your personal “word bank” with many hundreds of high frequency and challenging words. There are six thematic books in the series—everyday living, workplace and careers, science and technology, media and marketplace, history and geography, and music, art, and literature.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học Journal of Biology đề tài: Motifs, themes and thematic maps of an integrated Saccharomyces cerevisiae interaction network...

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  • Though most translation systems have some mechanism for translating certain types of divergent predicate-argument structures, they do not provide a genera] procedure that takes advantage of the relationship between lexical-semantic structure and syntactic structure. A divergent predicate-argument structure is one in which the predicate (e.g., the main verb) or its arguments (e.g., the subject and object) do not have the same syntactic ordering properties for both the source and target language. ...

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  • Business Vocabulary in Use Elementary provides basic, essential vocabulary in a business context for learners of Business English. Business Vocabulary in Use Elementary follows the same successful approach as the tried and tested In Use vocabulary and grammar books, with vocabulary presentation and explanation on the left-hand page and practice on the right-hand page. The book comprises a number of thematic sections including work, time, money, products, services; and Skills units including numbers, telephoning, emails and faxes, meetings and presentations.

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  • The new edition of Focus on IELTS not only prepares students for IELTS but also equips them with the tools they need to succeed in academic life. Additional exam practice is available with the interactive iTests on this CD-ROM. The first complete and integrated IELTS preparation course, providing comprehensive exam skills development and graded practice. The Coursebook contains 20 short units organised into thematically linked pairs. The first unit in each pair focuses on reading and vocabulary, the second unit focuses on listening and writing skills.

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  • Because students benefit greatly from increased word power, the study of vocabulary should be enjoyable. Unfortunately, vocabulary workbooks often lose sight of this goal. To make the study of vocabulary an exciting and enjoyable part of college study, I wrote Academic Vocabulary. The goal of this book—the third in a three-book interactive vocabulary series—is to make the study of vocabulary fun through a variety of thematic readings, self-tests, and interactive exercises.

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  • Do your students have trouble with words that sound alike but have different meanings? Do they use the wrong meaning for words that are spelled alike? This special 190-page reproducible is just what you need. It has: * Separate sections devoted to Antonyms (opposites), Synonyms (words with similar meanings), Homophones (sound-alike words, spelled differently with different meanings) and Homographs (spelled-alike words with different meanings).

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  • Articles Articles: a/an Insert a or an if necessary. 1. My neighbour is …... photographer; let's ask him for . . .. advice about colour films. 2. We had . . . fish and . . ... chips for . ... . lunch. That doesn't sound . . . very interesting

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  • Resembling a large-scale comprehensive building design, an encyclopedia necessitates the collaborative efforts of countless individuals and may take considerable time to complete. It seems long ago that Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers invited me to edit a two- volume encyclopedia about 20th-century architecture. In 1998, I was teaching the history of architecture in a landmark 1890s Richardsonian Romanesque building at Lake Forest College, a small liberal arts college north of Chicago.

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