Environment in explaining history

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  • Historians will always be busy—not because the past changes, but because the questions we ask of it change as conditions in our own times change. For instance, when the Romanovs and the Habsburgs ruled, we often asked questions about dynastic rivalries. Now, with the scions of aforesaid families outranked by movie stars and pollution poisoning our skies, we ask questions about past environments.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to: Describe the different levels of regional economic integration; understand the economic and political arguments for regional economic integration; understand the economic and political arguments against regional economic integration; explain the history, current scope, and future prospects of the world's most important regional economic agreements; understand the implications for business that are inherent in regional economic integration agreements.

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  • Chapter 15 and 16 provides knowledge of risks and pests. In this chapter you will learn: Based on your analysis of the risk assessment survey, give at least three reasons for people’s perception of risks; explain why people are sometimes accurate in their perception and why they are often inaccurate in their perceptions of risks; explain the history of the use of DDT, how has it benefitted human health and the environment? How has it hurt human health and the environment?...

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