Environmental aspects

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  • European Union (EU) environmental legislation has developed over the last 30 years and comprises today some 300 legal acts and a large number of other policy documents of relevance for EU environmental policy. Section 1.2.1 of this chapter gives a general introduction to the EU forms of legislation and the principles of the EU environmental policy. The legislation related to the environmental aspects of textile processes in general, primarily the emissions to water and air, is discussed in sections 1.2 to 1.6....

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  • This third edition of the textbook ‘Environmental Physics’ has been thoroughly revised to give more focus on sustainable energy and climate change. As fossil fuels and nuclear power will be with us for many years to come, the physical and environmental aspects of these ways of energy conversion are given ample attention as well.

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  • Nanotechnology and the Environment: Applications and Implications will showcase the latest research in nanotechnology that has both environmental applications and implications. This book will serve as a complete reference framework on how nanotechnology relates to the environment. Book sections cover important research topics relating to how nanotechnology can be used to protect the environment and how nanotechnology might affect the environment or human health.

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  • This book stems from the author’s experience with a variety of problems on the fate, distribution, and toxicity of organic compounds in the aquatic environment. It became increasingly clear that the procedures for investigating these problems crossed the traditional boundaries of organic and analytical chemistry, microbiology, and biology, and after many years this resulted in the idea of selecting the relevant aspects of these and writing the present book

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  • This book is meant to be an introductory text on the Fundamentals ofEnvironmental Science and Engineering. Today, knowledge ofEnvironmental Science is essential forstudents as well as practicing engineers and scientists of all disciplines. Here an attempt has been made to provide precise and upto date infonnation on the fundamental aspects ofEnvironmental Science and Engineering without going much in-depth in to specific areas, so as to be useful for a cross section of fields of study.

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  • Diatoms are being used increasingly in a wide range of appli- cations, and the number of diatomists and their publications continues toincrease rapidly.Althoughseveralbookshavedealt with various aspects of diatombiology, ecology, and taxonomy, the first edition of this volume, published over a decade ago, was the first to summarize the many applications and uses of diatoms. However, many new and exciting papers have been published in the intervening years.

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  • The PPS also recognises that renewable energydevelopments may have an adverse effect on both the historic and natural environment.It thereforestipulates that applications affecting World HeritageSites should only be granted after an assessment has shown that the integrity of the site would not be adversely affected.

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  • Lecture Marine environmental studies - Topic: Chemical aspects of the ocean. In this topic, the following content will be discussed: Effects of water on land, physical weathering, is there any difference between weathering and erosion? Biological characteristics of the ocean,...

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  • Diatoms are being used increasingly in a wide range of applications, and the number of diatomists and their publications continues to increase rapidly. Although a number of books have dealt with various aspects of diatom biology, ecology, and taxonomy, to our knowledge, no volume exists that summarizes the many applications and uses of diatoms.

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  • A useful aspect of freshwater sponge biology, particularly for the purposes of an undergraduate lab module, is the fact that they enter diapause as small gemmules. Gemmules are overwintering balls that are produced in the late summer/early fall by the adult sponge. They are the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Adult tissue disintegrates around the gemmule during the winter, and a new sponge emerges from the gemmules in the spring. The newly developing sponge exits the gemmule from a micropyle, and then quickly spreads around the gemmule. In a...

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  • The results of this project illustrate substantial technical potential for cars environmental improvement. The existing and developing legislation was also considered to assess any possible untapped technical potential. The European policy (and also the national policy) is actually being considering the environmental impacts from cars over years and already addresses some of the important environmental aspects at different stages of the car life cycle (e.g. air pollution, CO2 emissions, end-of-life waste, batteries, etc.).

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  • Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past decades, the power sector is facing a number of critical issues; however, the most fundamental challenge is meeting the growing power demand in sustainable and efficient ways. Practicing power plant engineers not only look after operation and maintenance of the plant, but, also look after range of activities including research and development, starting from power generation to environmental aspects of power plants.

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  • The first edition of Toxicological Chemistry (1989) was written to bridge the gap between toxicology and chemistry. It defined toxicological chemistry as the science that deals with the chemical nature and reactions of toxic substances, their origins and uses, and the chemical aspects of their exposure, transformation, and elimination by biological systems. It emphasized the chemical formulas, structures, and reactions of toxic substances. The second edition of Toxicological Chemistry (1992) was significantly enlarged and increased in scope compared to the first edition.

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  • Located at the interface of the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, land is important for an understanding of both the natural environment process and those affected by human activities.

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  • Enzymes that function within plants, animals, and microorganisms are fundamental to life, and their contributions to metabolic pathways and processes have been studied extensively. For over 100 years there has been interest in what today is called ecological or environmental enzymology. This aspect of enzymology originates from the work of Woods, who, in 1899, wrote about the survival and function in soil of plant peroxidases following their release from decaying plant roots.

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  • iên minh châu Âu (EU) pháp luật về môi trường đã phát triển hơn cuối cùng 30 năm và ngày nay bao gồm một số 300 hành vi pháp lý và một số lượng lớn các văn bản chính sách phù hợp cho chính sách của EU môi trường. Mục 1.2.1 của chương này đưa ra một giới thiệu tổng quát các hình thức EU của pháp luật và các nguyên tắc của chính sách môi trường của EU.

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  • In May 1998, an international workshop on community-based natural resource manage- ment (CBNRM) was jointly organized by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank (now the World Bank Institute), Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Ford Foundation, and other agencies. Held in Washington, DC, the workshop was attended by 200 policymakers, practitioners, and researchers from about 60 countries who were involved in some aspect of CBNRM in developing and transition economies....

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  • Chương này đề cập đến chất độc của thuốc nhuộm dệt. Mục 3.2 có một cái nhìn sơ lược về các khía cạnh lịch sử, đặc biệt xung quanh vào giữa thế kỷ thứ hai mươi khi một liên kết giữa thuốc nhuộm (và trung gian của họ) và ung thư bàng quang ở các công nhân dệt may trở nên rõ ràng. Trong Phần 3.3, những ảnh hưởng cấp tính (ngắn hạn) độc tính của thuốc nhuộm dệt được thảo luận. Các vấn đề ngắn hạn là kích thích da và da nhạy cảm, gây ra chủ yếu do...

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  • Dệt nhuộm và tất cả các quy trình liên quan có một lịch sử lâu dài trong thời gian của nền văn minh. Trong lịch sử này, các hóa chất được sử dụng đã được nghiên cứu, tổng hợp, phát triển, và được chọn để cung cấp cho cuộc sống người tiêu dùng lâu dài và sự hấp dẫn thời trang tiếp tục của các sản phẩm may mặc, đồ nội thất, hoặc các tài liệu. Để cung cấp chất lượng, các hóa chất được sử dụng để chống lại những tác động của môi trường.

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  • At its inception, the original plan for this symposium was to emphasize the medical aspects of inorganic chemistry, rather than to go over once more new developments in bioinorganic chemistry, important as the subject is, since the latter topic has been treated many times in recent symposia reviews and monographs.

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