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  • The preparation of this document may have been supported, in part, through the Airport Improvement Program financial assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration as provided under Title 49, United States Code, section 47104. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views or policy of the FAA. Acceptance of this report by the FAA does not in any way constitute a commitment on the part of the United States to participate in any development depicted therein nor does it indicate that the proposed development is environmentally acceptable with appropriate public laws....

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  • Below are definitions of material improvement and signif­ icant intervening use as they apply to vehicle donations. ■ Material improvement includes a major repair or improvement that results in a significant increase in the vehicle’s value. Cleaning, minor repairs, and routine maintenance are not material improvements. In addition, a material improvement to the vehicle will not qualify if the donor funded the improvement by giving the charity an additional payment.

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  • - ADB: Ngân hàng Phát triển Châu Á - ĐTM: Đánh giá Tác động Môi trường (Environmental Impact Assessment) - UNEP: Chương trình Môi trường Liên Hiệp Quốc - Phương pháp danh mục (Checklist Method) - WB: Ngân hàng Thế giới - Danh mục có xét đến độ đo của tác động (Weighting Checklist) - Danh mục dạng câu hỏi (Questionnaires Checklist) - Danh mục có ghi mức độ tác động (Scanling Checklist) - Phương pháp ma trận môi trường (Matrix Method) - Hành động (action) - Hành động trong hoạt động (activit...

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  • Quy hoạch môi trường (Bài 11: Phương pháp lập bản đồ quy họach môi trường) Cán bộ giảng dạy : PGS.TS.

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