Erectile dysfunction

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  • Tham khảo sách 'erectile dysfunction – disease-associated mechanisms and novel insights into therapy edited by kenia pedrosa nunes', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Obesity is associated with a high prevalence of erectile dysfunction; how-ever, the pathophysiological link between obesity and erectile dysfunction remains poorly understood. In this minireview, we have attempted to eval-uate the existing literature pertaining to obesity and erectile dysfunction to determine whether a common pathophysiological link exists.

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  • Approach to the Patient: Erectile Dysfunction A good physician-patient relationship helps to unravel the possible causes of ED, many of which require discussion of personal and sometimes embarrassing topics. For this reason, a primary care provider is often ideally suited to initiate the evaluation. A complete medical and sexual history should be taken in an effort to assess whether the cause of ED is organic, psychogenic, or multifactorial (Fig. 492). Initial questions should focus on the onset of symptoms, the presence and duration of partial erections, and the progression of ED.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Paget's disease of the skull causing hyperprolactinemia and erectile dysfunction: a case report

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  • The area of treatment of sexual disorders has undergone an enormous expansion during the last few decades. The introduction of pharmacological treatment of these disorders (e.g., sildenafil for erectile dysfunction or antidepressants for paraphilias) rekindled the interest of physicians from different disciplines (psychiatrists, urologists, gynecologists) in sexual dysfunctions. Physicians are finding these disorders amenable to pharmacotherapy

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  • Neurogenic Disorders that affect the sacral spinal cord or the autonomic fibers to the penis preclude nervous system relaxation of penile smooth muscle, thus leading to ED. In patients with spinal cord injury, the degree of ED depends on the completeness and level of the lesion. Patients with incomplete lesions or injuries to the upper part of the spinal cord are more likely to retain erectile capabilities than those with complete lesions or injuries to the lower part.

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  • The modern era in sexual medicine started in the 1970s when a few devoted pioneers and visionaries began to revolutionize our thinking and understanding in this field. Prior to that time, sexual dysfunctions in men, particularly erectile disorders, were thought to be purely psychogenic or in rare cases caused by testosterone deficiency. Treatment of sexual disorders was considered to be predominantly the business of sextherapists or rarely of endocrinologists.

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  • Normal functioning of reproductive systems of male and female, no doubt is expected of all individuals. But one of the vagaries of nature is aberration of this function. While fertility is an essential ingredient for survival and continuity of species, not all couples are capable of furthering their families. So the problem of infertility finds its place in the recorded history of ancient civilisations of Babylonia, Persia and Greece.1 Goddesses of fertility, fertility rites, and superstitions encompassing the process of birth are mentioned in the history of these civilisations.

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  • Inflammation can also be found in the intervertebral disks resulting in discitis and spondylitis, which can be seen as narrowing of the intervertebral space and destruction of the adjacent cover plates. Seldom synovitis and osteitis can be found in the atlantoaxial area leading to erosions and destruction of the lateral atlantoaxial joint. At the worst the joint is destabilized, this may cause cord compression and neurological loss of function.

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  • Ở người cao tuổi vẫn còn có nhu cầu tình dục. Một trong những trở ngại để thực hiện hoạt động tình dục ở người cao tuổi là rối loạn cương dương! Rối loạn cương dương (ED: Erectile Dysfunction) Rối loạn cương dương (RLCD) hay còn gọi là bất lực, là một tình trạng rối loạn với biểu hiện dương vật không thể cương cứng hay không duy trì được sự cương cứng trong quá trình giao hợp.

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  • Moreover it is important to be able to restrict this invasive investigation to men who are likely to benefit from treatment of this malignancy. There are currently concerns that Western clinicians and healthcare providers are over-diagnosing large numbers of men who would otherwise never have been troubled by their clinically undetectable prostate cancer.

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  • Being a man should not seriously damage your health, conclude White and Banks (2004) in their chapter in a men’s health text. The maxim is used at the beginning of this text to remind the practice nurse of the fact that being a man in some instances can and does seriously damage their health. Men are much less likely to visit their general practice than women. Those men who are aged under 45 years visit their general practice only half as often as women; it is only when they become older that the gap narrows signifi cantly....

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  • The prostate gland is actually not a single gland. It is comprised of a collection of glands that are covered by a capsule. A gland is a structure or organ that produces a substance used in another part of the body. The prostate gland lies below the bladder, encircles the urethra, and lies in front of the rectum. Because it lies just in front of the rectum, the posterior aspect of the prostate can be assessed during a rectal examination. The normal size of the prostate gland is about the size of a walnut (Figures 1 and 2)....

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  • The nature and treatment of radiation-induced injury to the gastrointestinal tract should be included in the training programmes for oncologists and gastroenterologists. Prior to treatment, men and their partners should be warned that treatment for prostate cancer will result in an alteration of sexual experience, and may result in loss of sexual function. Men and their partners should be warned about the potential loss of ejaculation and fertility associated with treatment for prostate cancer. Sperm storage should be offered.

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