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  • This book is designed to help you identify and address any potential weaknesses in your essential calculation skills. In turn this will help you become more confi dent and profi cient in the aspects of numeracy that are an essential part of modern nursing care. You may fi nd an electronic calculator useful to check your answers, but remember that calculators may not always be available in the workplace, and that their use in clinical practice is generally discouraged. You need to become confi dent in applying calculation skills without the aid of a calculator....

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  • This reader-friendly guide helps veterinary nurses and technicians use calculations to determine dosage rates, anesthetic flow rates, radiography exposure rates, parenteral nutrition, and more. Self-assessment questions, examples, logos, clinical hints and tips clarify important concepts and ensure that readers master everything they need to know about calculations in their day-to-day clinical environment.

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  • This lecture introduces you to some lessons from capital market history. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Know how to calculate the return on an investment, understand the historical returns on various types of investments, understand the historical risks on various types of investments.

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  • Chapter 11 introduces you to risk and return. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Know how to calculate expected returns, understand the impact of diversification, understand the systematic risk principle, understand the security market line, understand the risk-return trade-off.

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  • Click here for a definition of marketing; ways to analyze market opportunities, plan a marketing program, launch new products or services, and put your marketing program into action; and the nature of direct marketing and relationship marketing. Click here to discover the steps for conducting market research.

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  • If you are new to programming in the JavaTM language, have some experience with other languages, and are familiar with things like displaying text or graphics or performing simple calculations, this tutorial could be for you. It walks through how to use the Java® 2 Platform software to create and run three common types of programs written for the Java platform—applications, applets, and servlets

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  • Research conducted for Missing the Target 7 by civil society activists on-the- ground in six countries (Argentina, Cambodia, Moldova, Morocco, Uganda, and Zimbabwe) shows that efforts to prevent vertical transmission are failing to reach the very group it was designed for—HIV-positive pregnant women.

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  • Fiscal, monetary and regulatory policymakers around the world may be asking the same questions. Why was my country hit so hard by the recent events while others were spared? In this paper we examine whether national authorities in places that suffered severely during the global financial crisis are justified in believing they were innocent victims and that the variation in national outcomes was essentially random.

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  • The rankings have shown an interesting change in the top five since the beginning of the year, with Qatar and Bahrain completely slipping out of these top rankings, and Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia taking the second, third and fourth positions, respectively. This is partly due to the use of official GCC population figures in calculating the Facebook penetration rates (as opposed to the ILO figures used for the rest of the countries).

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  • Case studies show oxytocin and magnesium sulfate were included in national protocols for maternal health service provision as well as the EML and standard treatment guidelines in the majority of countries reviewed (where national data was collected and reported), including Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Mongolia, and India. Furthermore, the USAID/MCHIP survey states that most countries—except Rwanda and Ethiopia—reported that they have magnesium sulfate on their EMLs. Ethiopia reports that magnesium sulfate is under review, and it has plans to add it to the list soon.

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  • The term ìspreadsheetî covers a wide variety of elements useful for quantitative analysis of all kinds. Essentially, a spreadsheet is a simple tool consisting of a matrix of cells that can store numbers, text, or formulas. The spreadsheetís power comes from its ability to recalculate results as you change the contents of other cells. No longer does the user need to do these calculations by hand or on a calculator.

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  • The characteristic data, economic figures, general assessments and indications concerning all the properties are not guaranteed and cannot be used for calculations, computations or other operations to determine design, cost-effectiveness or profitability. Readers must verify the technical data and economic figures with their own suppliers of raw materials or parts, and other current technical and economic sources. Prototypes and tests under operating conditions are essential.

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  • Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy by utilizing the properties of electromagnetic energy conversion. The different types of motors operate in different ways and have different methods of calculating the performance, but all utilize some arrangement of magnetic fields. Understanding the concepts of electromagnetics and the systems of units that are employed is essential to understanding electric motor operation.The first part of this chapter covers the concepts and units and shows how forces are developed.

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  • Data, data, data! Data is where it’s at as far as computers go, whether processing millions of calculations or keeping a record of your Aunt Maude’s birthday. When it comes to storing data, the database is the king. In almost eight years of professional programming, every single project I’ve worked on has involved databases somewhere along the line—that’s how essential they are to most business applications and projects. Admittedly, some areas, such as computer games, don’t make the same use of databases.

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  • This text provides the student and professional mechanical engineer with a reference text of an essentially practical nature. It is uncluttered by text, and extensive use of illustrations and tables provide quick and clear access to information. It also includes examples of detailed calculations on many of the applications of technology used by mechanical and production engineers, draughtsmen and engineering designers.

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  • INVESTMENT ANALYSIS ESSENTIALS OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 71.1.1 Sources of Funding for Capital Expenditures 71.1.2 The Time Value of Money 71.1.3 Discounted Cash Flow and Interest Calculations INVESTMENT DECISIONS 71.2.1 Allocation of Capital Funds 71.2.2 2143 71.2.3 2143 2144 2144 2148 2148 71.3 Classification of Alternatives Analysis Period

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  • It will be shown below that mutual coupling is responsible for all the unique characteristics of phased arrays. The task, then, is to understand it, and to make advantageous use of it. This chapter is concerned with infinite arrays for two reasons. First, the essential characteristics of all scanning arrays exist in infinite arrays, and are most easily calculated there. Second, most array design starts with an infinite array, with finite array (edge) effects included near the end of the design process.These edge effects are the subject of Chapter 8.

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  • The United States must restructure mathematics education--both what is learned and the way it is taught--if children are to develop the mathematical knowledge and skills they will need to be personally and professionally competent in the twenty-first century. Joining the recent reports that have opened a national dialogue on these issues, Reshaping School Mathematics focuses discussion on essential ideas that transcend details of current curricula or assessment results.

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  • Heat transfer calculations in different aspects of engineering applications are essential to aid engineering design of heat exchanging equipment. Minimizing of computational time is a challenging task faced by researchers and users. Methodology of calculations in some application areas are incorporated in this book, such as differential analysis of heat recoveries with CFD in a tube bank, heating and ventilation of equipment and methods for analytical solution of nonlinear problems.

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  • Essentials of Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences distills the overwhelming amount of material covered in introductory statistics courses into a handy, practical resource for students and professionals. This accessible guide covers basic to advanced concepts in a clear, concrete, and readable style. Essentials of Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences guides you to a better understanding of basic concepts of statistical methods. Numerous practical tips are presented for selecting appropriate statistical procedures.

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