Estuarine region

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  • Wave setup is the increase of water level within the surf zone due to the transfer of wave-related momentum to the water column during wave-breaking. Wave setup contributes to the total water height in storm and become dangerous to coastal construction. This study presents some results on wave setup with storm surge using numerical model and empirical model. It also estimates the contribution of wave setup in total storm tide level at coastal and estuarine region of Hai Phong. Results show that wave setup at coastal and estuarine region in Hai Phong contributes about 25% to 40% of...

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  • The litho-hydrodynamic and environmental conditions in the Vietnamese coastal estuarine basin are significantly affected by the land-ocean-atmosphere interaction processes whish tide has a determining role. Application of the coupled 1D, 2D and 3D modeling system could resolve this complicated problem but it requires other solutions related with the boundary and coupling conditions.

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  • Estuaries are areas of high productivity, crucial in the life histories of many fish, invertebrates, and birds, for example, and the sustainability of estuarine biodiversity is vital to the ecological and economic health of coastal regions. On the other hand, estuarine ecosystems are exposed to toxic anthropogenic effluents transported by rivers from remote and nearby conurbations and industrial and agricultural concerns.

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  • Làn sóng thiết lập là sự gia tăng của mực nước trong khu vực lướt sóng do chuyển sóng liên quan đến động lực cột nước trong quá trình phá vỡ sóng. Làn sóng thiết lập góp phần vào chiều cao tổng lượng nước trong cơn bão và trở thành nguy hiểm để xây dựng ven biển. Nghiên cứu này trình bày một số kết quả vào thiết lập sóng dâng do bão bằng cách sử dụng mô hình số và mô hình thực nghiệm.

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