Ethernet switching

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  • What an Ethernet Switch Does Bridges and Switches What Is a Switch? Operation of Ethernet Switches Transparent Bridging Address Learning Traffic Filtering Frame Flooding Broadcast and Multicast Traffic Combining Switches Forwarding Loops Spanning Tree Protocol Spanning Tree Packets Choosing a Root Bridge Choosing the Least-Cost Path Blocking Loop Paths Spanning Tree Port States Spanning Tree Versions Switch Performance Issues Packet Forwarding Performance Switch Port Memory

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Network congestion, bridges, LAN Switch features, Switches supersede bridges, Ethernet switches and bridges, transmitting frames , MAC address table, learning addresses,... Inviting you to refer.

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  • LAN and Ethernet switches are usually considered as plumbing. They are easy to install and configure, but it is easy to forget about security when things appear to be simple. Multiple vulnerabilities exist in Ethernet switches. Attack tools to exploit them started to appear a couple of years ago (for example, the well-known dsniff package). By using those attack tools, a hacker can defeat the security myth of a switch, which incorrectly states that sniffing and packet interception are impossible with a switch.

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  • Juniper Networks EX4500 Ethernet Switches provide high performance, scalable connectivity, and carrier-class reliability for high-density environments such as campus-aggregation and data-center networks.You can manage EX4500 switches using the same interfaces that you use for managing other devices running the Juniper Networks Junos operating system (Junos OS)—the command-line interface (CLI) and the J-Web graphical interface

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  • Four Basic Elements of Ethernet Ethernet Hardware Network Protocols and Ethernet The Media Access Control Protocol The Ethernet Frame Media Access Control Rules Essential Media System Timing Collision Detection and Backoff Gigabit Ethernet Half-Duplex Operation Collision Domain Ethernet Channel Capture High-level Protocols and the Ethernet Frame

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  • Objectives: Build and Configure the Network, Examine the Switch MAC Address Table. Background/Scenario: The purpose of a Layer 2 LAN switch is to deliver Ethernet frames to host devices on the local network. The switch records host MAC addresses that are visible on the network, and maps those MAC addresses to its own Ethernet switch ports.

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  • Current estimates and measurements predict that Internet traffic will continue to grow for many years to come. Driving this growth is the fact that the Internet has moved from a convenience to a mission-critical platform for conducting and succeeding in business. In addition, the provision of advanced broadband services to end users will continue to cultivate and prolong this growth in the future.

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  • In a prior edition of this book the preface commenced with the paraphrase of an old adage in an era of evolving local area networking technology: Ethernet is dead—long live Ethernet! Although advances in communications technology continue to occur at a rapid pace, that paraphrase continues to be valid. Within the past decade, the bandwidth of 10 Mbps Ethernet was advanced by a factor of one thousandwith the introduction of a series of enhancements to the original Ethernet specification. First, Fast Ethernet resulted in the bandwidth of Ethernet increasing by a factor of 10 to 100 Mbps.

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  • Cathalyst 4006 có 2 port Gigabit Ehthernet và một băng thông 32-Gbps full-duplex cung cấp nối kết giữa supervisor engine và switch module. Những port Gigabit Ethernet có thể gắn được bất kì loại shortwave (SX), longwave/long-haul(LX/LH) hay extended range (ZX) GBIC. Catalyst 4006 cấu hình chuẩn có 6 slot có khả năng hot-swap. Slot 1 được phục vụ cho suppervisor engine để cung cấp khả năng switching và khả năng quản lý. Slot 2 đến slot 6 dùng cho các switching module khác...

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  • VLAN là gì? Làm thế nào để cấu hình một VLAN trên Switch Cisco? Đã bao giờ bạn tự đặt cho mình những câu hỏi như: mạng LAN ảo (hay VLAN) là gì? Khi nào và tại sao bạn cần có một VLAN? Bài viết sau đây sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn những kiến thức cơ bản về VLAN, giúp bạn có khái niệm về VLAN và sự hữu ích của nó. LAN là gì? Chắc hẳn phần lớn các bạn đều hiểu thế nào là một mạng LAN. Tuy nhiên chúng ta vẫn nên nhắc lại một chút, bởi...

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  • 1.Connect devices that are separated by a broader geographical area. 2.Use the services of carriers, such as telephone companies, network providers… 3.Use serial connections.A VPN is an encrypted connection between private networks over a public network such as the Internet. Instead of using a dedicated Layer 2 connection such as a leased line, a VPN uses virtual connections called VPN tunnels, which are routed through the Internet from the private network of the company to the remote site or employee host.

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  • Deploy the required Cisco products and servieces that enable connectivity and traffic transport, given a network design that include multilayer switching over various Ethernet technologies. Implement the necessary services at each layer of the network to allow user to obtain service in a working multilayer switched network

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  • Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking- P5: The transmitter encodes the information into a suitable form to be transmitted over the communications channel. The communications channel moves this signal as electromagnetic energy from the source to one or more destination receivers. The channel may convert this energy from one form to another, such as electrical to optical signals, whilst maintaining the integrity of the information so the recipient can understand the message sent by the transmitter....

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  • A campus network is a building or group of buildings that connects to one network, called an enterprise network. Typically, one company owns the entire network, including the wiring between buildings. This local area network (LAN) typically uses Ethernet, Token Ring, Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI), or Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technologies. The main challenge for network administrators is to make the campus network run efficiently and effectively. To do this, they must understand current campus networks as well as the new emerging campus networks....

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  • Objectives: Summarize the operation of Ethernet as defined for 100/1000 Mbps LANs in the IEEE 802.3 standard. Explain the functions that enable a switch to forward Ethernet frames in a LAN. Configure a switch for operation in a network designed to support voice, video, and data transmissions. Configure basic security on a switch that will operate in a network designed to support voice, video, and data transmissions.

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  • Identify the basic characteristics of network media used in Ethernet. Describe the physical and data link features of Ethernet. Describe the function and characteristics of the media access control method used by Ethernet protocol. Explain the importance of Layer 2 addressing used for data transmission and determine how the different types of addressing impacts network operation and performance. Compare and contrast the application and benefits of using Ethernet switches in a LAN as apposed to using hubs....

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  • Các hub Ethernet làm việc ở lớp vật lí, chỉ đơn giản phát lại các khung mà chúng nhận đuợc ra các cổng khác. Đo đó, chúng còn đuợc gọi là trạm lặp đa cổng. Tất cả các nút mạng nối vào cùng một hub đều đuợc coi là một phần của môi truờng quảng bá đồng nhất. Nói cách khác, bất kì khung đữ liệu nào đuợc phát đi từ một trong số các nút mạng đều đuợc thu bởi tất cả các nút còn lại.

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  • Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking- P1: One of the great protocols that has been inherited from the Internet is TCP/IP and this is being used as the open standard today for all network and communications systems. The reasons for this popularity are not hard to find.

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  • Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking- P2: One of the great protocols that has been inherited from the Internet is TCP/IP and this is being used as the open standard today for all network and communications systems. The reasons for this popularity are not hard to find.

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  • Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking- P3: One of the great protocols that has been inherited from the Internet is TCP/IP and this is being used as the open standard today for all network and communications systems. The reasons for this popularity are not hard to find.

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