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  • The aim of this course is to produce competent administrators of the cisco unity and personal assistant products. If you are a cisco unity system administrator, this two-day course is all you will need to become a competent administrator of your system. For system engineers, it is the initial class in a two class series, the other being cisco unified communications system engineer.

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  • Discovering Computers - Chapter 8: Operating Systems and Utility Programs Identify the types of system software; Summarize the startup process on a personal computer; Describe the functions of an operating system; discuss ways that some operating systems help administrators control a systems help admini etwork and administer security.

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  • How do we capture the essence of the transformational power of e-knowledge? The digital technologies pose a mountainous challenge to all of us trying to e x p l o re the possible futures they offer. They combine a new medium with a new d e l i ve ry system, and each multiplies the effect of the other. The adaptive computer is as re vo l u t i o n a ry a way of supp o rting the way we think and learn as was the invention of writing.

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