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  • Raw materials mark the beginning of a value-added chain. In times of increasing globalization their availability is a precondition for prosperity, productivity and development of a country’s economy. Raw materials have always been needed for many purposes. Global demand had its origin in the Bronze and Iron Ages and increased exponentially during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century. Worldwide demand for raw materials rapidly increased in the 20th Century, caused by the explosive growth of the world population and global economic productivity.

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  • Reliable and comparable data on access to health care across the EU-27 Member States is limited. The most comprehensive available data comes from the 2007 Eurobarometer Survey Health and Long-Term Care in the European Union, which is a public opinion survey and sufficient only to suggest potential trends. Based on those women interviewed for the survey, the majority of European women report having easy access to health care. Approximately 88% of women felt that it was easy to access a family doctor or general practitioner.

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  • The EU’s common purpose was principally economic and le- gal, but despite its economic strength, the EU is weak both as a political and as a military entity. People in the European Union take for granted personal, economic and social liber- ties, such as the freedom of movement. Attaining this level of individual liberty has been an incredible achievement. But very few EU citizens feel any responsibility to defend these liberties by military force, should the need arise.

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