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  • The graph below shows the different modes of transport used to travel to and from work in  one European city in 1960, 1980 and 2000. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

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  • We are living on an increasingly urban planet. In 2008 we passed the halfway mark—50% of the world’s population now live in cities, and that percentage is projected to increase to 70% by 2050. There is no turning back the urban trend. Yet ironically we have as a species yet to successfully design and plan cities that will accommodate our economic and demographic needs while uplifting and elevating us, and protect, restore, and nurture the planet and its natural systems.

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  • he race to become the Greenest City in the world is both a friendly and ierce competition. It’s friendly because when one city succeeds, we all beneit from the shared knowledge and improved health of our planet, as well as the new opportunities that emerge in the green economy. he race is a ierce one because the stakes are so high. In fact, the kind of change needed for all of us to thrive in healthy and prosperous communities requires a world full of Greenest Cities. here are four key ingredients required for us to succeed: vision, leadership, action, and...

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  • This book is published in print and online through the online OAPEN library ( OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) is a collaborative initiative to develop and implement a sustainable Open Access publication model for academic books in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The OAPEN Library aims to improve the visibility and usability of high quality academic research by aggregating peer reviewed Open Access publications from across Europe.

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  • By concentrating on one country, the UK, and specifically on one city within that country, London, that together have long experience both in the area of air pollution and public health and in its communications aspects, we hoped to form a rich, clear and concise picture of the thought and communications processes and information needs of our chosen target audience, and of the best practices for meeting those needs. At the same time, we recognized the limitations of conducting research in a single country.

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  • Modern Ruins By Tocath How to turn a modern day city into decaying ruins. Part 1 : Overview This tutorial will show you the steps and tricks I used in turning Hong Kong harbor into a wasted reflection of itself. Basically, we're going to turn this: Into this. Part 2: Planning Any photoshopped image must start with a great source. Ruins are no exception. For my H2H with Norrit, we were limited to Non-American, Non-European cities. I chose Hong Kong. Ideally, you want a city with a recognizable landmark or building. This can get tricky, as your contest may have...

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  • The history of the Eternal City is permanently recorded in its many monuments and ruins. Rome has delights for anyone and everyone—art aficionados, architecture buffs, history lovers, foodies, and fashion trendsetters. This guide eases you into la dolce vita ("the sweet life") with information on:

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  • Late in the year 1970, a major turning point occurred in my scientific career: I joined the staff of a federal fisheries research center at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. One of the principal programs of that center was to examine the effects of coastal pollution on productive systems of the oceans, especially effects on fish and shellfish resources.

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  • To assess the prevalence of overweight, obesity and underweight among Vietnamese adults living in urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. Design: This cross-sectional survey was conducted in the local health stations of 30 randomly selected wards, which represent all 13 urban districts of HCMC, over a period of 2 months from March to April 2004.

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  • In the Christian tradition, the doctrine of ‘just war’ has evolved throughout the last 1,700 years, originating with St. Augustine and later significantly shaped by St Thomas Aquinas, both of whom developed ideas of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Roman philosopher Cicero. 15 Saint Augustine (354-430) served as Bishop of Hippo for 34 years. His idea of just war has two foundations. The first, owing much to the Eastern religious traditions, is that in all things a person should not act out of selfish considerations.

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  • Check the benefits handbook or contact a Member Services Representative at the plan for more information about how to appeal a decision. Ask for a copy of your plan’s policy on prior approval and appeals. The Member Services Representative will work with you to help you find the best way to address the problem. If your appeal is denied by your health plan, you may have additional rights through the Office of Patient Protection (OPP) at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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  • To make the findings of our core case study more useful to the Apheis centers, we thus decided to enrich the findings of the core case study with the findings of a complementary case study conducted in two southern European cities, Barcelona and Madrid, where levels of air pollution were high and where people were just becoming aware of its damaging impact on public health. We also decided to model this complementary case study on the core case study, and use the second study to validate and broaden the findings of the first.

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  • Based on the public consultations, relevant experiences and research, a number of criteria were developed for a new program that puts the needs of pedestrians first. The criteria call for new street furniture elements to provide exceptional design, universal accessibility, safety, quality maintenance, pedestrian-oriented placement and sustainable components. Revenues from selective advertising could finance the program and return a benefit to the City for the privilege of occupying the public realm. The principles in this document are the result of the consultations and research.

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  • There were lights in three or four of the windows, sparkling among close-growing trees; and I had not finished my second cigarette, when a carriage drove round the corner and stopped. I moved into the background. A groom jumped down, unfas- tened the gate, and having opened the brougham door, respect- fully aided a middle-aged lady to descend. The moonlight showed me a clear, proud profile, and fired the diamonds in a tiara which crowned a head of waved grey hair.

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  • The emphasis is clear; the natural female forms Kingsley has seen in the British Museum belong to the mothers and sisters who have bred the greatest civilisation in the world. Kingsley compares the sculpted female forms to the contemporary ugliness he sees on the streets around him, which he condemns; advocating a form of physical education for young women as well as the wearing of less bodily restrictive clothing.

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  • As public interest in the impacts of water withdrawal and wastewater discharge on ecosystems and local communities grows, companies’ water practices are subjected to greater scrutiny. Major media outlets now routinely cover water-related protests and controversies (see Box 4). For instance, the recent discovery that Starbucks’ 10,000 coffee shops worldwide have been “wasting” 23.

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  • In October 2001, the ILO launched the fi rst series of groundbreaking participatory gender audits in accordance with the ILO Gender Mainstreaming Policy. This was the fi rst exercise of its kind to be introduced in the United Nations system. The objective of these gender audits was to promote organizational learning on how to implement gender mainstreaming effectively in the policies, programmes and structures of the institution and to assess the progress made in achieving gender equality.

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  • For the past 20 years, the technical conditions for including moving pictures as a way of teaching in the European school system have been present – and the increasing technical development is continuously making it easier. The reason why moving pictures still does not play a significant part in the teaching methods is the lack of pedagogic, methodology, and the required training of the teachers.

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  • The Liikanen Report has opted for not providing any definition of proprietary trading or market making activities, which is the most sensitive issue when prescribing a mandatory separation. The ESBG is of the opinion that ring-fencing market making activities will substantially harm the liquidity of markets since banks will get incentives for winding down these activities.

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  • For millennia, Aboriginal hunters on the North American Plains used their knowledge of the land and of buffalo behaviour to drive their quarry over cliffs. Archaeologist Jack Brink has written a major study of the mass buffalo hunts and the culture they supported before and after European contact. By way of example, he draws on his 25 years excavating at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in southwestern Alberta, Canada – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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